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Board & Advisors

Board Of Directors, as of May 2017

Wendy Brawer, Bob Zuber, Maeve Lydon, Josh Yu, Lela Prashad, Thomas Turnbull and Nina Reznick
(not present: Angela Orthmeyer, Carlos Martinez, Marissa Feinberg and Meredith Gray)

Affiliations included for information only:

President: Thomas Turnbull - Web Developer, Google
Vice President: Marissa Feinberg - Founder, Triple Bottom Why
Treasurer: Josh Yu - North America Liaison Taiwan Green Trade Project Office
Secretary: Wendy E. Brawer – Founding Director, Green Map System
At Large:
Meredith Gray - Director The Coop School
Carlos Martinez - Assistant Director, NYC Parks GreenThumb
Angela Orthmeyer - Data Scientist

Special thanks to our legal advisor, Nina Reznick, Esq., strategist Dr. Robert Zuber, office and outreach advisor Ray E. Sage, and to all former board members for their ongoing support

International Green Mapmakers Advisory Council, as of November 2016

Affiliations included for information only:

Maeve Lydon, Common Ground & University of Victoria, Victoria, BC Canada
Cindy Kohlata, Helsinki Finland
Marco Kusumawijaya, Rujak Center for Urban Studies, Jakarta Indonesia
Ciprian Samoila, Harta Verde Romania, Bistrita Romania
Arne Purves, City of Cape Town, South Africa
Janet Felsten, PlaceWise, Baltimore Maryland USA
Beth Ferguson, San Francisco California USA
Carlos Martinez, Pereira Colombia + NYC
NIcola Furey, Geneva Switzerland
Rie Nakamura, Yokohama, Japan