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BGM at Federal Reserve Bank Richmond Conference on Data Mapping Tools

Baltimore Green Map's Presentation

Baltimore Green Map was invited to present Green Mapping as an example of "How Communities are Using Mapping Tools" at Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's October, 2011 Unleashing the Power of Local Data conference.

Participants had their laptops open for the interactive element, with time to explore Open Green Map.

We combined information from our own archives, OGM screen grabs and the Green Map-OGM Resources/promote section to put together a presentation that illustrated a diversity of map scales and strategies to collect information.

We also wanted to demonstrate full utilization of the OGM features More info, Comments, Multimedia, Impacts before turning participants loose to browse maps on their own. Those user input features are where "the power" and potential of Green Mapping resides.

Besides Baltimore's four OGM maps, we directed participants to VCU Richmond, Brooklyn's Red Hook, NYC Green Apple, San Francisco and Capetown and also included DC Green as an example of a government using internal GIS mapping with GMS icons to display City sustainability initiatives. We will make the presentation available to others in Green Map System resources.

Here is the link!