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Springville/Mapleton Green Map

Students of Hobble Creek Elementary School wish to increase understanding and appreciation for the attributes of their rural community.
About this Map

Hobble Creek Elementary School in the Nebo School district is partially located in both Mapleton and Springville, Utah. The students have a strong arts program at Hobble Creek and have been expressing the attributes of their community through the arts and creating a Green Map to increasing understanding and appreciation for their environment. The communities of Mapleton and Springville, Utah are nestled in the foothills of the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mt, 2 miles east of Utah Lake. These small cities are adjacent to the metropolitan area known as the Orem-Provo area. Springville is known as “The Art City” and has a thriving community of 30,000 residents with a strong connection to the arts. Mapleton is a rural area that is rapidly suburbanizing in the wake of development. At present, sixty percent of the land within the corporate boundaries of Mapleton City is undeveloped. The rural atmosphere combined with the friendliness of its citizens continues to attract new residents to the area.

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