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We appreciate your 2012 support

This year has been one of solid growth and development for Green Map System. We are now impacting 840 communities in 65 countries, and we could not do it without your help! Your tax-deductible donations make all the difference, especially at this time.

Going forward, our focus highlights program collaboration, data sharing and tools development that help each of us work more effectively to accelerate the system change we need to address the threat of climate change. We have collected inspiring best practices from our global network that will soon be shared. Locally in New York City, we’ve already begun mapping the aftermath of Sandy and generating a new conversation in the community. And early in 2013 we will debut new resources that benefit both the users and makers of Green Maps.

This year, instead of mailing out our appeal, we are saving paper and encouraging you to donate online at or by phone at +1 212 674 1631. Of course, it’s fine to mail a check. Our sincere thanks to you and everyone who has contributed to making our year so great!

Or, better yet, come to our cozy holiday party on Wednesday December 19, here at our office at 220A East 4th Street, NYC 10009. It’s not a fundraiser per se, but your support is welcome. Details are here.

We look forward to seeing you at the party and again in the coming year.
We hope it is a healthy, happy and green season for all!