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Beijing Shichahai Green Map

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A colorful, fresh and fancinating Green Map which shows the historical sites and interesting eco-cultural sites around the heart of Beijing inner city.
About this Map

The Green Map of Shichahai is the fruit of the hard work and wisdom of some dozens of volunteers at FON. We walked across countless streets and lanes and observed everything by ourselves. From the winter of 2005 to the summer of 2006, it took us half a year to explore Shichahai. We have witnessed the icy arena with a hubbub of voices, the classic Siheyuan (courtyard house), the tranquil long lane, the dancing groups in the dusk, etc.

All the volunteers were collaboratively groping in darkness when starting on this adventure. We selected relevant materials, explored the sites, organized the information, edited, and drafted. All this was intended to present the exact situation of this area and express: our love for the beautiful scenic sites, our concern about the environment, and our hope for a better future. We believe that the world will be different due to our concerted efforts.

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