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New Green Map Guide in Chinese!

4Bs Hive Guide to Green Mapping in Chinese

We are happy to announce that an important Guide to Making Green Maps has been translated into simplified Chinese!

Created in Europe by the 4BsHive, this colorful guide highlights 4 different ways to create Green Maps. With the help of wonderful mapmakers at the China Mangrove Conservation Network and our staff members Hui Zhou and Aaron Reiss, this fantastic resource is now available to our growing community of local Green Mapmakers in China, and to the public.

Download in Chinese as a compressed 2MB PDF or as a full scale, zipped 19MB PDF here.

For your convenience, you can download in English as a compressed 2MB PDF or below, find the German edition.

The original 4BsHive project started early in 2009, with European Union funding. It’s a collaborative project between four cities: Bistrita (Romania), Bristol (United Kingdom), Berlin (Germany), and Budapest (Hungary) - hence the "4 Bs". After two years of adult learning exchanges and mobilities and Green Mapmaking workshops, the 4BsHive project culminated in July 2011 with a wonderful guide that explored 4 ways to create a Green Map.

Find more, including the original English 4BsHive Guide to Green Mapping and an excellent video at this blog post.

That the 4BsHive Guide is now available in Chinese means that our burgeoning network of locally-led projects in China will have a much stronger foundation on which to start their own projects. We would like to thank everyone involved, including 132 donors who support Green Mapmaking in China through Global Giving, the Grundtvig Programme and especially, the 4BsHive - including the Guide's designer, Eszter Szilva and Bjela Proßowsky, Ciprian Samoila, Gergô Horváth, Ivor McGillivray, Peter van de Loo and Steve Parry.