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August = Impacts Month

Green Map Impacts book is being expanded!

Green Mapmakers have made incredible impacts on their surrounding communities. Twenty-two of these impacts are highlighted in the 2009 Green Map Impacts Book (download free here). 30 pages of illustrated, locally written stories are a worthwhile read! We interns discovered the book during ‘Social Media Summer’ and we decided, along with our soon to be released Mapmaker’s Social Media Guide, to create a campaign that features daily postings of summarized stories on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Dubbed Impacts Month: our August social media campaign is designed to create awareness about the real changes Green Maps have generated!

Good Timing

The timing worked out perfectly because this summer Green Map is updating and expanding the 2009 Impacts Book. Much has happened – including the launch of the Open Green Map social mapping platform, expanded partnerships, crowd funding – since the book was first published. Much has also happened outside Green Map, too: social media platforms have improved, educational standards have changed, and awareness of sustainability and climate change has grown, all of which affect the creation and impact of Green Map projects. In response, we asked 7 exemplary Green Mapmaking teams to share impact stories with us. We are now in the process of collecting and editing these geographically diverse examples and other stories to expand the Impacts Book.


The campaign has three goals. First, to promote the amazing work in the 2009 Impacts Book in an easy-to-read way. Second, to raise awareness about the expansion of the book. Third and last, to encourage Green Map users as well as mapmakers to share more impact stories with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can too! Even if you don’t have a social media account, you can send us your story at

The Process

With the help of advisors Taylor Baybutt, Wendy Brawer and Willow Rook, I set out to summarize the existing impact stories and promote our three campaign goals. This required about a day of editing the 22 original stories down to 2-3 sentences. After that, we edited each post to have a distinct feel while carrying the same message: 1. Story 2. Expansion of Impacts Book 3. Share your own story.

Next, we decided on a “homebase” for our campaign, where all campaign-generated web traffic would be directed. We decided that was a good option as so many people use it.

We are using Twitter and Pinterest to drive readers to our Facebook page which includes map images and more detail about each impact! We also created a hashtag to monitor all postings about the campaign: #GreenMapImpact. We encourage you to use this #GreenMapImpact hashtag and share how Green Maps have impacted you, in your home community, while traveling, or as inspiration. Yes, we may include a selection of these impacts in the expanded book!

We are using Hootsuite to automatically post our daily story when we designate on Twitter and Facebook. I manually update Pinterest, which only takes 5 minutes.

#GreenMapImpact is our Campaign’s Tagline!

We’re partway into Impacts Month and we’re all very excited here about the process and plan! Check Facebook and Twitter in the morning to learn about the latest impact story and consider pitching in at and help us bring the expanded Impacts Book edition to fruition. And, don’t forget, please share your story using #GreenMapImpact or by email, and give hardworking Green Mapmakers and our organization a real boost!

Emily Saltz

Summer Intern 2013