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Connecting with Chinese Mapmakers

Angran, Eugenie and Aaron

With over 40 active Chinese Green Map projects in #Taiwan and #China, we are excited to create new bilingual resources and information to support these locally-led sustainability mapping projects.

My name is Eugenie. I’m from Taiwan and have been in the states for 18 years. I came to Green Map with a music education background and my interest in sustainability. I am currently collaborating with Angran Li, a graduate design student from Beijing (on the left), and Aaron Reiss, who studied Chinese and taught English in China, to help increase the impact Green Map System has on Chinese-speaking communities.

We are so thrilled to be able to provide new tools, some of which will be created directly with the mapmakers! We have just finished two videos promoting our Open Green Map platform (see below). Next, surveys are being sent out to in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese to Taiwan and China to request for feedback on their experience and needs so we can better assess and provide the additional resources they may need. On of our next steps is putting together new video tutorials for our online platform – it’s being upgraded and the videos will reflect the improvements.

In addition to our efforts in supporting our partners abroad, our popular New York City “Lower East Ride” Green Map is now also available in Chinese! These postcard-style maps are being distributed to neighbors of all ages in Chinatown as well as visitors and others in Chinese, Spanish and English. I also look forward to passing them out to local schools when I start working with our Local Food education module in the near future!

If you would like to join the 231 donors who are already supporting our efforts in the Greening of China, you are welcome to contribute to our project at Global Giving, where you can learn more about what is happening with Green Map in China (I recommend perusing the Reports, too!).