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Writing quickly in the HK airport, enroute to Taipei. Met so many wonderful Green Mapmakers from communites across China, and felt real bridges to a sustainable future were built during the workshops and moments we shared. The new Green Maps from Ningbo and by the Mangrove Conservation project are outstanding, too!

Thrilling to see what a Green Mapped manufacturing plant looks like, and how much CO2 was saved by Delta Electronics through our CSR mapping process. Lots of potential for big projects too, as mention in this Shanghai Red Net article.

It's been a whirlwind with more to come!

Many thanks to all who have dedicated so much to our common future, and better cities, better living everywhere in China!

Great to hear so much

Great to hear so much exciting news! Enjoy Taipei!

Looking forward to your

Looking forward to your coming back to office and sharing your china trip stories with us! I miss my country! I am so happy to see so many chinese folks are working on sustainability development!