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Victoria and Region Community Green Map

The Victoria region is home for salmon, skateboarders, seabirds, senior athletes, Songhees artists, secondhand store workers, and strawberry farmers.
About this Map

Our Community Green Map is a map of our home, showing some of the ways we are all connected through the city we've built, the food we grow and eat, the things we do, and the land we live on.

The sites on the map are divided into the categories of City, Food, People & Land but in truth, everything is as tangled as kelp on the beach. Nature doesn't start at the city limits and the people of the region know that. They plant gardens next to parking lots and work to restore streams that run under shopping malls. Our entanglements with the land, food, people and the city sustain us and make us alive.

Combining digital datasets with watercolour illustrations, cartographer Ken Josephson has given the map a textured, artistic feel reflective of the spirit of place. The beautiful First Nations illustrations that accompany the map are by Butch Dick, a Songhees artist. Also look on the map for First Nations place names - reminders of the history and continued importance of this Native land. We hope this map will be an inspiration and a resource for ongoing discovery and connection with our region for residents and visitors alike.

Mapping project coordinator: Maeve Lydon
Cartographer: Ken Josephson

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