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Tsi Tetsionitiotiakon Sustainability Rooted in Heritage

Tsi Tetsionitiotiakon Sustainability Rooted in Heritage is a map of Mohawk, Abenaki, Wendat and other First Nation Placenames in the greater Montreal region Tiohtiake
About this Map

Visit Mapping First Nation placenames helps us to understand the heritage of our region for each placename holds a story of our 'indigenous' (derived from the Latin meaning 'self-generating') capacities. The history of people, plants, animals, water, resources from the indigenous period show great ecological productivity based in native cultivation of multilevel orchard trees. Indigenous peoples cultivated some of the longest periods of Sylvalizations on the planet through practices of social and economic peace. The trees absorb the sunshine and convert it through photosynthesis into matter and water cycle thus cooling the environment. Trees feed people and animals in abundance as well as keeping the streams and rivers flowing all year long. By absorbing sun energy, trees attract moisture laden warm winds from the sea which condenses on leaf and plant surfaces as well as falling as rain. Visit our green map to learn about our future capacity.

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Tsi Tetsionitiotiakon Sustainability Rooted in Heritage - Quebec - Canada - North America
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