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Detroit, Michigan

by Detroit
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Freshly published at, this project has many interesting features, including the map itself. This city/suburban project was featured at the National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America in May 1999, and the formation of a wonderful alliance of eco-oriented designers and creators began working on a comprehensive Green Map, led by project initiator Deanne Bednar. The Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center has been centrally involved, along with the Boggs Center and Detroit Public Schools, Department of Strategic Planning. The project is continuing to make more than maps, with tours, gardens and other greening efforts in the mix.

A unique feature of our on-line map is a special "zoom" button" that gives the website visitor the ability to zoom into parts of the city and view icon sites (click here to take a look to the closeup of the downtown section)...or to zoom out to view the larger cosmos in which we are embeded from Detroit to the Great Lakes Bioregion to the planet, where there are "active" red dots which connect the viewer to the other Green Maps around the world.

In addition to the on-line map, outreach has included the development of four Youth Maps, several presentations and exhibits, and a 12'x15' canvas floor map which has been displayed at a number of conferences including the Great Lakes Bioneers and the Detroit Eco Fair. The floor map is a great way to get attention and participation as people walk/crawl onto the map to add their sites with colored markers!

The Green Building and Green Commuting componets of the map have been funded by The State of Michigan Energy Office. They have chosen 30 different icons, and are also filling in the broader picture of sustainability. The next step is a Printed Detroit Green Map and fundraising towards that goal.

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