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NYC Compost Map in New Atlas

Compost Green Map of Manhattan as laid out for Food:An Atlas

"Food: An Atlas" a crowd-sourced, crowd-funded cartography project led by UC Berkeley professor Darin Jensen is looking to bring the Compost Green Map of Manhattan to a new, global audience!

"Food: An Atlas" is a collection of food related maps. It will feature Green Map System's Compost Map alongside maps about America's beershed and the global almond trade, as noted in this Atlantic article. Green Maps's newest project associate, Aaron Reiss, was excited to help adapt the map's layout for publication in this book - as a food and map enthusiast himself, Aaron spent much of his time at Yale mapping hidden food gems in New more »

On the Road to Open!

At Green Map System, join us as we are starting down a new road....

Since 1995, Green Map has been a participatory initiative. We have co-created icons, engagement tools and mapmaking infrastructure utilized by hundreds of mapmakers in 65 countries. Open Green Map, our interactive platform, provides an intuitive resource with every site open to public commentary. Now, we are taking the next step toward open collaborative development. Please take the journey with us, and support us as we open our data, share APIs, our programmatic expertise and much more to support a sustainable future. read more »

Green Map Archive Celebration March 27!

Green Map Archive delivered to NYPL on 10/2/12

On October 2, 2012, we moved 6 very full, well organized boxes containing hundreds of Green Maps and related materials contributed by Green Mapmakers from around the world to the New York Public Library's wonderful Map Room. There, each of the resources will be properly archived and available to the public, researchers, journalists, and other interested professionals as reference materials in perpetuity. We are delighted to have this collection delivered. We planned the launch, but then, Hurricane Sandy intervened. Impacts on the regional transit system lingered on, impacting staff at the NYPL, therefore our:read more »

Know it, Map it, Share it! eThekwini Municipality launches its Green Map

eThekwini Green Map launch - Ward 12 youth receive certificates for their participation in 'mapping sustainability'.
Set on the coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, eThekwini Municipality recently launched the eThekwini Green Map at the 2012 Sustainable Living Exhibition. Providing an opportunity for locals and tourists to look at eThekwini through a sustainability lens, the Green Map offers a new perspective of the municipal area and visually communicates a ‘sustainability portrait’ of the communities within eThekwini.
Led by Imagine Durban, a council-led community based project on integrated, long-term planning and sustainable development, the eThekwini Green Map “will involve all citizens in building and enjoying a more sustainable city” says Bongumusa Zondo, Senior Manager of Imagine Durban. read more »

Riding on care free day in Zheng Ru

We are going to have a riding activity on 22th September--the car free day.On this day ,we will ride bike around Zheng Ru and share our green maps of Zheng Ru to all the residence along the route.Here is our post of the riding .

Drawing green map of Zheng Ru

After visiting and much preparation,we finally started to draw our green map. On 18th August,we got together in the community center and disscussed in groups on how to draw the map.We were divied into three groups and each group was resposible for a map.One map was about the cultural sites in Zheng Ru,another is about the natural sites and the third one is about the diposal procedure of garbage.At the end of the day,each group did a great work on the map.Have a look at our map now!

Visiting all over Zheng Ru town

On 21th and 28th July,our volunteers visited each site all over Zheng Ru.We walked into each commnunity and talked with the residence.Although the weather is really hot,we strived to visit every corner of the ancient towm.In this visit,we all learnt more about it and we toot a lot of beautiful pictures.

A training about green map

On 14th july,a trainer from Being Jing gave us a training about what is green map and how to make a greenmap.Voluntees disscussed together about the meanings of icons in green map warmly.After that we made a practice on the knowlege learned on the training. We visit a small area and drawn a green map of it!

Open Knowledge Fest & Helsinki!

Open Knowledge Festival

Green Map System’s director, Wendy Brawer, will soon be in Helsinki Finland, working next week with the wonderful leaders behind Helsinki Green Map at the Open Knowledge Festival. Helsinki's outstanding array of interactive maps and their website

Here are the Open Knowledge Festival Sustainability Stream Outcomes

Here is a Good Map Summit Report with photos and more photos of the day (which was also Helsinki's Autonomy Day). read more »

Joburg Green Map arrives in time for Spring!

Johannesburg - the City of Gold - is hoping to give itself a green spring cleaning this week as it launches its very own city wide Green Map for the first time. Like all Green Maps it features the world renowned icons that are associated with the global Green Map project and is visually similar to the Cape Town Green Map so as to keep a consistent style going across the country.

Content wise, the Joburg Green Map is focused on issues which affect the city and has a comprehensive listing of sites associated specifically with recycling, parks and fresh food. It also has its own community of green events and bloggers which are contributing fresh thinking to the topic of the environment in the city. read more »