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Mapa Verde UFSC 2017
Florianopolis Brazil
Mapa Verde do Campus da Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Mapa Verde Imbituba
Mapa Verde Imbituba
O Mapa Verde Imbituba visa engajar estudantes do ensino fundamental na identificação e mapeamento dos locais e iniciativas sustentáveis na cidade de Imbituba/SC
Minjerribah | North Stradbroke Island
Pacific Earth School
Eco-Cultural Guide and Tourism Map for residents and visitors to Minjerribah | North Stradbroke Island
Green Map of Qinzhou Fairy Island Park,Guangxi,China.
China Mangrove District
This map is made by Green sand association of Guangxi Medical University in May,2015.
Copenhagen DENMARK
Oresundsregionen Denmark
Please give a short catchy introduction to your map. This will be the first thing people read about your map.
Green map of Guang Fu Township, Hualien
Guangfu Township
Guangfu Township is located at middle area of Hualien County. Here has different kinds of resources, such as nature environment and aboriginal culture. It's a wonderful place to visit!
Green map of Pilsen
Green Map of Pilsen
Shoushan National Nature Park Green Map
Río Silao - Irapuato
Irapuato Mexico
Guardianes del río Silao - Irapuato- Mexico
KZN Midlands Green Map South Africa
KZN Midlands Green Map South Africa
This is no longer an active project. If you would like to start a Green Map project in this community, please go to the participate section of the website and register.
In order to foster a sustainable future in the KZN Midlands, all those who are part of the complex system that makes up our society have a role to play. By involving individuals, civil society, businesses, and all levels of government in the implementation of an envisioned ‘green’ KZN Midlands, and by sharing knowledge about sustainable practices, we will have before us a set of infinite possibilities that can chart the path towards a future that embraces sustainability in its broadest sense.
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