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Singapore Alevel Geography

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Singapore A Level Geography
Lester Low
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This is a collaboration among Junior Colleges, Centralised Institute and IP schools in the making of a Green Map of Singapore.

Statement of Purpose

The 2016 Advanced Level Geography Syllabus will be providing students with an in-depth study of Sustainable Urban Development. This project invites A level Geography students and teachers to collaborate in the making of an Open Green Map of Singapore. Such a map, when completed will provide both educators and students with a useful information about how sustainable and liveable Singapore is.

Singapore, as it is all urban, is a living experiment for pure urban sustainability. The city is conscious of its finite resources and dependency on imports of basic necessities such as water, fuel and agricultural goods to sustain the island nation of 4.5 million people on less than 700 sq. km. In order to create Singapore’s sustainable development strategy, the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development (IMCSD) was created and the output was the Sustainable Blueprint (IMCSD 2009). The Blueprint defines what sustainable development is for Singapore (IMCSD 2009):
• Efficient: Development occurs with less resources and waste
• Clean: Development occurs without polluting the environment
• Green: Development preserves greenery, waterways, and natural heritage

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