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UCF Orlando Florida

University of Central Florida - Florida - United States - North America
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University of Central Florida Green Map Project
Dianne Mercado
Project leader
Filipino Bisaya 
About this Mapmaker

My name is Dianne Mercado and I am a scientist-in-training at the University of Central Florida who wants to become actively involved in local, national, and international efforts in sustainability.

Statement of Purpose

To help accomplish my personal scholastic goals for gaining experience in green works, I want to create a Green Map of the University of Central Florida. UCF is an enormous metropolitan university whose Sustainability Initiatives carries out projects and ventures to make it a national role model for sustainability.

My goal as this project's only MapMaker is to create an insightful and comprehensive look into UCF's innovative eco-friendly projects that are both currently active and in progress. As the beating heart of central Florida, UCF has the potential to become a well-known public leader in socioecological sustainability. A GreenMap of UCF will create a visualization of the value that UCF can bring to the green community.

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