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Cambridge Green Map

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...Green Map of the urban environment
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It's a map, just read it.

Camberville - Massachusetts - United States - North America
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Hey guys,

Hey guys,

Super cool map, I love it! Your icons are really easy and cute. Just wanted to point out that it looks like the veg. restaurants got left out...I couldn't find Veggie Planet or the Buddhist Society on the map.

Thanks for your vision and hard work!

- Sophia

The Green map is really

The Green map is really green! The objective behind the green map project is very innovative and effective I guess. Here the recycle bins on campus are located very clearly so that no one can make excuses that they haven’t found any recycle bins! The icons, the color combination of the map everything is perfect. This type of green map is very much necessary for my university campus also. The map will help a lot to prevent environment pollution by raising awareness among the people. I hope that the green map will make our world green!