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Greenies Gambia

Greater Banjul - Western Region - Gambia - Africa & Middle East
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Gambia Greenie Team
George Riegg
+220 770 7090
Project leader
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Join our environmental champion Greenie to build awareness and provide environmental education to the youth of The Gambia.

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“Greenie” is the intellectual property of her Artist creator Caroczel. She is collaborating with George Riegg, a project developer living and working in The Gambia for a community recycling project. Caroczel is a committed environmentalist and the idea was conceived during her visit to The Gambia in 2007. Greenie will be promoted as the “champion of the environment”, a mascot that will introduce a very far reaching and complex issue – “Environmental awareness and protection” – using all available means of media for dissemination, in a fun and educational way - adding a personal and human element to which all sectors of the community can relate to.

Working as a project design and development team George and Caroczel – and Greenie of course – are forming partnerships with various local organisations and initiatives with a holistic approach to link similar and related projects using Greenie as a visual link to form a synergy, maximizing impact and results achieved with limited resources.

Their first successful collaboration with the Futures Training Foundation (FTF) and the Association of Early Childhood Educators (AECE) and other local civil society and government stakeholders was a pilot project, which produced a Greenie book (7,000 copies) that is being used to disseminate environmental education to the communities through nursery schools using bottom-up education. Always looking for new and innovative ways to utilise different media to engage the students and other sectors of the community, they feel that Green Mapping could be an ideal tool to be integrated in this holistic approach in future projects.

In time they hope to expand any initial pilot projects from the Greater Banjul area to a national level by working closely with local organisations active in the environmental and educational sectors. In order to achieve this they are seeking funding for these expansion roll-outs from local and international organisations and propose to integrate Green Mapping activities into any future proposals if this will add value to any programme - offering additional interactive community participation.

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This is no longer an active project. If you would like to start a Green Map project in this community, please go to the Participar section of the website and register.
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