Our Vision - a better healthier greener smarter world!


Pioneers in Community-made Maps

Green Map was launched on March 25, 1995. With the involvement of the O2 ecological design network, we developed the global system upon the foundation inspired by the first Green Map, which was published in New York in 1992. The brainchild of Wendy Brawer, the Green Map project was collaborative, right from the start.

Local and global networks began to blossom to support and connect the people making the maps of their home communities around the world. As we learned from their amazing publications, methods and innovations, the Green Map toolkit grew as it helped more cities build local leadership capacity, knowledge and networks.

Our Mission: Inclusive participation in sustainable community development

Our team in New York expanded to meet the challenge too, supported by talented staff, scores of interns and volunteers; a robust board and advisors, and most importantly, the direct experience and dedication of Green Map Makers. Each inspired more Green Map projects, and many formed regional hubs to further their expertise and impacts.

The way we all use maps changed dramatically in this period - so did the technology. We did our best to evolve with it, and at the same time, embrace all the ‘expressions of home’ made in any medium by Green Map Makers around the world. We also make local Green Maps of our city, to test new ideas, and produce Green Map events and consulting projects.

Now, with the accumulated knowledge and experience of hundreds of people, Green Map System is opening access to its renown icons and tools so more communities can use them to bring sustainability to light. We’re also encouraging Map Makers to extend beyond the map into making experiences, apps, and other kinds of projects that spark action and change.

Our organization’s future is dedicated to our common future and the planet and people we all love.