Azabu University SDG Project is a Winner!

We are happy to share this exciting message from Japan from Fumiyo Murayama, an assistant professor at the Department of Environmental Science of Azabu University, regarding their work to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs):

"On 15th February 2020, the final round of the "University SDGs ACTION! AWARDS 2020" contest, sponsored by the major newspaper, the Asahi Shimbun, was held in Shibuya, Tokyo.  Twelve teams were selected as finalists from a total of 119 entries.

One of finalists was the AGMProject (Aone Green Map Project) from Azabu University" - their winning presentation included this video (English subtitles) and here, you can see them on stage (in Japanese). You can enjoy their Powerpoint in English or Japanese and the script, and an article about this event, too!

"Two sophomore students, Haruka Mituhashi and Kaoru Nishiyama, presented the "SDGs Future Green Map."  They won the Study Tour Award with prize of 200,000 yen and tour fare including airfare to Setouchi Town (sponsored by Setouchi Town Kagoshima Prefecture and Japan Airlines). See the whole poster here.

We are very happy because we will be able to make SDGs Future Green Maps both in Kanagawa and Kagoshima."

We are thrilled about this!! Congratulations to the student team of Haruka and Kaoru and to their instructor, Fumiyo Murayama. Note that this team (contact: agmproject.aone at has also contributed the Japanese version of Green Map Icons matched to the SDGs, as well!

Envisioning with SDGs Future Green Map from Azabu University on Vimeo.

The work continues in 2022

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