COP26 News #1

It's Climate Month at Green Map, and we're in Scotland! 

Invited to this bright green country to take part in the TED Countdown conference, our director found that immersion into climate health, climate justice and what’s at stake (everything) quite moving and energizing - get a taste on 30 October, noon - 2 ET.

The courage of youth, scientists, officials, media and creatives, and the high hopes for the outcomes of COP26 - the United Nations climate conference taking place in Glasgow from November 1st to 14th - were riveting. Each of us has a critically important role to play to ensure that the displacement, disruptions and dire predictions are slowed and reversed, affording a thriving future to all generations. 

With thousands of delegates and activists converging at COP26 in Glasgow, we’re already there, getting jump on things with:

• The terrific Glasgow Green Map! Bringing local sustainability and social justice resources into view by our longtime local partner, Glasgow Eco Trust, along with Stop Climate Chaos and the Climate Fringe! 

* Glasgow, Dunoon and the World presentation (recorded in September) highlights climate-action Green Maps and processes that spur meaningful progress at this critical time. 
• Meetups to talk about your Green Map project ideas in Glasgow on 26 October (see the photo at bottom) and 3 November. 


• Workshops last weekend in storied Cornwall England (above, with EcoGeographer at Reen Wood). Excitingly, this mapping project is aligned with a rambling organization, which was successful in their quest to keep historic vistas like this open to the public.  This coming weekend in and around Dunoon, which is on the rainy coastal Cowal peninsula of Scotland. Ariane Burgess, Member of the Scottish Parliament, will be part of our workshop on the 30th, as will our open source platform developers, the GISCollective, who are testing the new Green Map App (be one of the first give it a try! Comments welcome).

• Check out these perspectives on home in the form of 6 short videos linked to COP26 themes from Cuba, Japan, Israel and the US for you, via Zoom, on the 3rd. has details and locations for all of these events that build capacity for positive change in communities worldwide.  

• Want to meet with our Director, Wendy Brawer while she's in Glasgow at COP26 through 8 November (or after)? Reach out at 

Special thanks to all our hosts and local Green Mapmakers, especially Dominica Williamson, Hannah Clinch and Neil Lovelock, the COP26 Homestay Network, the Dream Machine, Climate Fringe Events, TED Countdown and everyone who is at the table, locally and globally, for our Biosphere and and our home places!


At the table with Glasgow Eco Trust, Tacit Design, Architecture & Design Scotland, Tacit Design, Green Map System, Govan Council, and Sustran.

Check and our social media for updates!
 our maps, experiences and placemaking work all contribute to community and climate health

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