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What a season! At Green Map, we have been fortunate to keep moving forward:

Green Map’s show at MoRUS, the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, has continued all autumn. We have brought people together (distantly) for events, mapmaking and to delve into the maps on display. Through these events, such as the one above, we have gained new supporters, volunteers and project partners. Some quick highlights:

Commemorating NYC Climate Week, our walking tour included the Avenue B 'open street', Village East Tower's super-efficient power & heat cogeneration plant and the energy innovations at La Plaza Cultural, a verdant community garden.

Here's the map (PDF here) we made for our Green Infrastructure tour. We shared it via Open House New York  - more on these events is at GreenMap.org/2020exhibit

What's coming up? In addition to #GivingTuesday, where you can support our global program or our local work (with incentives on Dec 1!), we will host the fourth of our Demo Discussions for our mapping platform-in-development on Friday, Dec 4th at 2pm ET - join the zoom here. Our thanks to the GIS Collective's Bogdan Szabo and Alexandra Casapu for all their great work on the OGM2 platform!

Our thanks to MoRUS Museum, the Grace Exhibition Space and dd Maucher, gardeners JK Canepa, Marga Snyder and John Keller, Bill Di Paola, Irene Meisel, Marco Lanier and team at MoRUS, Fanny Ip and Pat Arnow of East River Park Action, Open House NY, NYC Climate Week, Ray Sage, Pair Networks and all who supported and took part in these events!

Our global network will be featured in our next newsletter. Stay safe everyone...!


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