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How we are helping: Recovery & Regeneration

In this time of this pandemic, we know it’s important to do more than wish that all are safe and well. With everything so uncertain, here at Green Map, we are re-framing what we have learned over the years, sharing symbols that help people visualize and create a healthier future. Borrowing from our existing lexicon, we are testing out a concise set of Recovery Icons designed to help communities ‘re-localize’ and inclusively regain their footing. See and comment of the draft set of symbols that promotes regeneration of the local culture at

Recovery Icons can be used on maps, apps and on social media as well as on signage, murals, guides and as place markers. We plan to make the open source Recovery Icons available on OGM2, our mapping platform in development where people can quickly make informative, responsive maps of their own community’s recovery resources (our thanks to the GIS Collective team!). We’ll share examples to inspire people, partner to enrich community practices and track the ways these icons spur communications on sustainable living and calls to action, ideally with your support.

We’re also hearing from Green Mapmakers who are already using the maps and data they have collected to help their communities address immediate needs in the COVID crisis. Some examples:
• In Washington State, Mary Hunt’s FEED Jefferson County Green Map does the essential work of helping local farmers gain skills and get their crops to people in need and to new customers. 
• In Cuba, the network is making use of maps they already created to highlight vulnerabilities as virus-related shortages begin impacting many communities (follow their discussion at Red de Mapa Verde on Facebook, with auto-translation).
• We’re continuing to work with eager students mapping for change - check out Canada's University of Victoria this semester. 
• Congratulations to Fumiyo Murayama and his students at the Department of Environmental Science of Azabu University in Japan, they are wonners in the University SDGs Action Awards 2020! See their winning presentation in our blog! 

See the highlights of Green Map NYC’s corona actions at

April 20-24, during the week of Earth Day, our NYC Climate Action project has a 50% match at Global Giving. Please pitch in!.

We appreciate all the support and encouragement you have given to us at this acute moment and to Green Map’s projects around the world. We couldn’t do it without you! Your comments for the Recovery Icons and ideas for their uses would be terrific! 

Our best wishes for good health and community-wide recovery to all. 

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