June 2021 Events with Green Map

Please join us for these three free online events! The next newsletter will include your news, so please share if you have some. 
- all events were recorded, links are below! 

Thursday, June 17 
OGM2 Demo & New Features Discussion
See the Recording here

Join the open source developers, Alexandra Casapu and Bogdan Szabo of the GIS Collective, along with Green Mapmakers for this exploration of OGM2, Green Map's second open mapping platform.
The event starts with platform basics (15 minutes), then new releases & preview of the forthcoming OGM2 App!  - It's a great opportunity to share your ideas and questions! This session will be recorded. Find earlier sessions at https://new.opengreenmap.org/about - all are welcome!

Friday, June 25 
Recovery Icons at the Cities, Covid, Mitigation and Mapping Symposium 
Overview - Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 (our talk started at 0:32 minutes on the last day)

Wendy Brawer will present our Recovery Icons as part of the 4th day of the American Association of Geographers and Harvard University's C2M2 workshop session. This new article by Dr. Claudia Green on using the Recovery Icons with her remote tourism management class is referenced.  See more information on this packed Symposium on important Pandemic themes, which is free and runs from June 22 to 25.  

Tuesday, June 29
SDGs and Green Map Icons at Living Knowledge 9 
Access the video here - https://bit.ly/SDG-GM21  
View the slides at bit.ly/SDG-GM21deck
Made in Japan, with English voiceover, this 8 minute overview by Azabu University students is terrific! bit.ly/SDG-GM-Azabu

Join Green Mapmakers Fumiyo Murayama (Japan) and Hannah Clinch (Scotland) along with Wendy Brawer (NYC) for this  workshop linking the Green Map Icons and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs). Living Knowledge 9 comes from the 'science shops' program that bring universities and local communities together to solve issues and open doors. LK9 is a free event with several interesting workshops! More about this conference and registration 

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