Mapa Verde in Mexico + Spanish Resources

In March, our director was heading to Mexico. After exciting days and meetings in Mexico City, Wendy connected with a historic anthropology museum in San Cristobal de las Casas (which is in the state of Chiapas) to hold a Green Map workshop. Museo Na Bolom had just opened a terrific exhibition entitled ‘The Map Is Not The Territory’, covering the early years of exploration by outsiders of the Lacandon Jungle and its riches of Mayan Ruins.
Tim May, curator, led the Mapa Verde Taller and an enthusiastic group joined in. Several local people plus visitors from Spain, Canada and the US took part. Below, find some of the Spanish resources for Green Mapmaking we shared there. 
Using our icons, the collectives, areas that flood, and historic sites were quickly charted. We’re glad to share that the sketch map made there was added to the exhibition, along with Green Map materials in Spanish!
Wendy so appreciated the culture and nature she experienced there and we hope to see more mapmaking in Mexico. Special thanks to Tim May and everyone at Na Bolom, Lyn and Dave Pentacost and Ray Sage. 

A selection of resources in Spanish 

Introduction to Green Map deck in Spanish - created for workshops in Cuba in 2016 (there is also an english version) and a recent book by Red de Mapa Verde of Cuba

We also introduced the new Green Map Platform (which can be used in any language)

Green Map Icons in Spanish and definitions 

Que Verde es mi Ciudad? 4 min video in Spanish - How Green Is My City

Mapping our Common Ground book in Spanish

We shared our 'healthy, cool and free' Green Map of the Lower East Side: Refrescar Loisaida Mapa Verde as a PDF / Refresh LES

And the Irapuato Green Map on our mapping platform

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