Matching Donations! April 15-29

WOW! Together, we did really well in this campaign!

In April 2019, we were pleased to receive matching support from GlobalGiving for our NYC Green Maps + Climate Action or our ongoing global program. Although the Climate Action campaign described below is over, your recurring donations are matched throughout 2019! On the 4th month, GlobalGiving will match that donation at 100% (up to $200).

Here's how it worked

Anytime from April 15 - 29, people could donate $10 or more to help Green Map get featured, and 100 people pitched into our new NYC profile! Now we are in the 'runoff' to see if we will be featured all year. Watch for an update here mid May. There was a 50% match on Earth Day, and surprise - it was extended all the way to April 29 - this was great for us, and we had our best campaign ever on Global Giving! All together, with the matching, more than $8,500 came in!

There are lots of great projects on the leaderboard that are doing great work, including ours:

NYC + Climate Action NYC, our local Green Map and projects that support climate action and social resiliency. New on GlobalGiving!

Green Maps for a more sustainable future! Our global program: support development of our new mapping platform!

THANK YOU for taking tax-deductible climate action!

*You can cancel the recurring donation after month 4, or let it roll

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