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Join us for a quick walk through quarterly reports on our climate-related work in New York City!

This post is a feed that comes directly from our local GlobalGiving profile which helps us generate donations, sometimes with matching funds, and always with reports on what this funding helps us accomplish. There are more photos on their platform, so if you want to see it all, click a report headline, or follow links in a report to see the latest news.

Thank you!

Helping gardens grow during Match Week!

By: Wendy Brawer on Apr 04, 2023

Hello to our wonderful GlobalGiving donors!

Today, we're looking ahead to workshops and tours. We've just prepared for the GreenThumb Grow Together, which is marks the official start of community gardening season in NYC. Each of these verdant spots contributes so much to the quest for climate health and community wellbeing, we are delighted to provide a workshop on April 1st. Here's a peek at the presentation, and yes, you can add your garden in the city to this Green Map.

Our thanks to everyone who contributes to the ongoing work and joy of Green Mapmaking! Your donation is doubly appreciated right now, as GlobalGiving's Little by Little 50% match week for all donations up to $50 continues until Midnight on Friday!

Food security and community gardens go hand in hand. We hosted a discussion on mapping local farms and food in March, see the recording in our blog. We also took part in a workshop in Chiapas Mexico, as described here, along with Spanish language Green Mapmaking resources. 

Upcoming Events in Manhattan - please join us

Earth Day Tour! This is a great time to check out Green Infrastructure in the East Village with Green Map. We’ll start at La Plaza Cultural (at Ave C & 9th Street) at 1pm on Saturday April 22. We’ll end at Tompkins Sq Park where hawk watching will be underway. Join us and LUNGS and celebrate our neighborhood’s Spring Awakening - all are welcome to join activities in the vicinity all afternoon.

Open Office (on zoom) April 25 10 AM NYC time - have questions about making a Green Map? Please drop in and we can help you get started or do more with your local mapping initiative.

Join our annual Jane’s Walk on Friday May 5, starting at 3pm at Siempre Verde Garden (181 Stanton St at Attorney). All are welcome on this climate health and public space tour on the Lower East Side. This one mile easy, free walk is also part of LES History Month. It concludes at Dimes Square. 

Our best wishes to all this Earth Month - thank you for all you do to make our city and our world a better place.

NYC in 2023 - making our city a better place

By: Wendy Brawer on Dec 29, 2022

Our thanks to you for being on the Green Map support team in 2022!

Our work in NYC includes mapmaking and placemaking that contributes to a healthier climate and more convivial community. Our 2022 GlobalGiving reports tell the story of our work on street trees, the hoped for return of on a Lower East Side community space with the SD Roosevelt Park Community Coalition, and ongoing participation on the steering committee of the Dutch Kills Loop in Queen's Long Island City.

Connecting with youth is critical, and in the photo above, we're using sensors to measure overheating and air quality with students from the Sixth Street Community Center on a tour created by LES Breathe, one of the many walks, talks and events we have been part of this year.   

We outlined big plans for 2023 in our December GlobalGiving report and are making steady progress on our climate, sustainability and wellbeing mission. We are looking ahead to a year of refreshing exchange and engagement with our local NYC Green Map project, thanks to you.  

Our work going forward will definitely benefit from your generosity as we work to maximize progress towards a thriving world. Thank you again for standing with us and our diverse project partners who lead the way locally each day. 

Our best wishes to you for a healthy, sustainable and joyful season and all the best for 2023! 




activateNYC with Green Map this Giving Tuesday

By: Wendy Brawer on Nov 29, 2022

Climate Action! We’ve been thinking global. But also going local: NYC, like so many cities, feels a bit vulnerable these days. Can we co-create a new road map that helps New Yorkers find the green path forward and supports social resilience?

We’re planning an inclusionary project for 2023 that contributes to more equitable and sustainable development by working together, sharing knowledge and raising eco-literacy, along with building organizing, assessment and communications skills. Your support, boosted by the Giving Tuesday incentive fund here at GlobalGiving by Midnight ET today, will make all the difference in our aim to activate everyone through a new ‘train the trainer' program we’re calling activateNYC.

Our plan is based around our new open source mapping Platform – already highlighting nearly 100 Green Maps charted by local people in a dozen countries - and reflects a history that includes 65 countries where locally-made Green Maps have illuminated resources for climate health, and verdant, convivial communities. As we pilot this new approach, we’ll recall the lessons learned creating and sharing our 2006 energy-themed NYC Green Map ( and model our activation process to benefit other cities that may want to follow suit.

activateNYC will develop a home-grown Green Map in partnership with local climate justice, environmental, tech training and regenerative planning groups. We will provide training to local nonprofit staff members, interns and others to use the Green Map Platform to highlight themes such as environmental injustices, carbon reduction, wildlife protection, etc., in accordance with their own mission. Maps have the capacity to communicate universally; ours will highlight active living and green jobs alongside climate health resources, local initiatives and mission-aligned places, pathways and resources.

activateNYC incorporates a train the trainer approach that includes:
• Strategy sessions to maximize potential, aligned with their project goals
• Engagement and community participation
• Online training and resources
• Group and individual check ins
• Potential to coordinate Green Map field days, workshops & map debuts
• Social media and other promotion
• Reflection on the process, iterations and future mapping

With fresh and in-depth information, the resulting Green Maps will show people your perspective on the challenges and available solutions. Each can be embedded on other websites or viewed either individually on our Platform, or collectively on the world-view Green Map. Each map can be filtered, and its data can be imported or exported in various formats for convenient usages.

There’s more! Participants will learn to understand the complexity of sustainable development using the Green Map Icons, and to take charge of their data while building capacity to work with a range of community stakeholders, as well as develop creative use of digital tools through an ethical climate lens.

We’re scaling our plan and requesting other support, but your donation today will ensure that we can pilot activateNYC this spring. NYC needs this and we need you to help make it happen!

Thank you for being our partner and ongoing supporter of our work in NYC! Our best wishes for a green and healthy season ahead.

Autumn in NYC - with Love from Green Map

By: Wendy Brawer on Nov 02, 2022

Hello and happy Autumn to all our GlobalGiving supporters! 

As the leaves turn golden and drift down to earth, we think of trees. Caring for urban trees, with all their eco and social benefits, is at the root of climate action.

Building on our 2019 campaign for the Lower East Side Tree Canopy, we joined the citywide celebration of City of Forest Day, a new annual NYC event. We co-organized “Remembrance and Protection for Urban Forests” with community gardeners. More about urban trees, stewardship and shared resources is at Although we have lost far too many mature trees here, over 500 new street trees have been planted in our district since 2019. 

We have found that stewardship is a popular theme at Earth Celebration events, and our director will be the first speaker at their November 9th event. Tune in - we'll be inviting people to help us assess what people value about trees and crowdsource favorites across NYC ! Find more events on, too. 

We've been taking part in myriad events, including It's My Park Day at Sara Roosevelt Park on October 30th. We're part of the coalition to reactivate a former recreation center there, and we were so glad our new City Councilmember and new Commissioner for Manhattan Parks were there to talk about a new phase of community partnership.  

Globally, we're glad our NYC maps and the Green Map movement are part of Tools for a Warming Planet, created by our long-time colleague, Ms. Ferguson and team. Peruse the catalog at This traveling exhibition has been shown this year at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven NL, Ars Electronica in Linz AS, and in the International Symposium on Electronic Arts of Barcelona ES and in the US, Arts Santa Monica!

This has been a great year for progress on the Green Map Platform progress, and there is a constant stream of updates thanks to our developer team at the GISCollective (you can also view their more technical open source updates). Behind the scenes, we’re expanding the Platform to make it easier for everyone to make and share Green Maps. Your support makes all the difference!

We hosted events online and in person this season, including the Platform’s lunchtime learning session created for the Climate Fringe of Scotland. The presentation is now featured in our blog. Let us know if you’d like to create a session like this and involve your part of the world in building capacity, knowledge and networks for community and climate health.

Our best wishes to all as the season changes. Stay healthy and hopeful and love your local trees! 




Green Infrastructure is Climate Action

By: Wendy Brawer on Jul 10, 2022

At Green Map NYC, we create events as well as mapmaking resources that connect climate and community. 

Here are some highlights of the Green Infrastructure Tour that we created recently for LES History Month and Jane’s Walk, thanks to photos by Ms. Sano, a long time friend to Green Map.

For this event, we partnered with the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, which is where our tour began. We followed a route we initiated in 2020 for Open House New York (see map below), adding new sites and features including air quality and temperature sensors to check along the way (thanks to LES Breathe, the group that placed sensors around the neighborhood).

Of course, we started in a community garden, the lush La Plaza Cultural, where rainwater collection, composting, abundant greenery, a pond and French Drains help retain stormwater, which is what green infrastructure is all about. 

A historic map illuminated changes to the groundwater and tidal creeks. Everyone gained insights into the flow of our sewage towards the Manhattan Pumping Station after walking through the Riis Houses sunken playgrounds that can retain stormwater, noting the new resiliency infrastruction (elevated utilities, etc). Participants exchanged knowledge of everything from the new 'saddlebag' heat pump window air conditioners to local food security (which includes the Free Fridges, a mutual aid solution to food waste and want. 

Thanks to you, events like this help engage everyone. We very much appreciate your ongoing support! 




Our Future & Our Power Today

By: Wendy Brawer on Mar 14, 2022

Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine, and to all others around the world who are caught up in conflicts that are rooted in fossil foolishness. We have known our continued dependencies fuel so many ills, layering injustice and war on top of environmental and public health degradation. Between that and the crushing reality that our planet’s climate is destabilized, our energy choices must be made with our common future in mind.

Luckily, we don't have to drive ourselves to extinction! There are so many resources available today to promote sustainability by communities, companies and individuals, it’s possible and practical to switch to a variety of renewable sources of energy, including human power!

Thanks to the alternative-rich iconography utilized on locally made Green Maps, we’ve all been charting convivial ways to get around without a car, connecting people with the beauty of nature near home, showing local examples of solar, geothermal and energy efficiency, and illuminating opportunities for reducing our own carbon footprint and connecting with local groups advocating for justice and sweeping policy change in government, business, housing and public institutions.

In this way, Green Map System helps inspire local action that can impact effective global policy and help form larger communities of practice that address everything from access to clean drinking water to healthier oceans and education for a more sustainable planet.

GlobalGiving donors - if you want to see positive change accelerate locally, start at home and create a Green Map! Every community has positive efforts underway - you can put them on the map and make energy saving and renewables visible and desirable. It's a great way to help everyone do their part, meet people who want to share their knowledge and perspectives, and empower your community to move towards renewables and carbon smart practices.

We would be happy to help you get started! There’s a new Quick Start Guide for the Open Green Map platform we have been developing with your support at - it walks you through the steps to get started. Or, pop in for Green Map office hours and ask your questions - the next will be held on Wednesday April 6, 10 AM EDT, use this link: Thanks to you, making a Green Map remains free for non-commercial projects!

Let’s use our power to change the ways we source and use our power!

Action & Adaptation from Scotland to NYC

By: Pam Green on Nov 18, 2021

Hello to donors of our NYC program!

The time for climate action is now! Underscored by the disappointing outcomes of the United Nations #COP26 climate conference, and also, refreshed by being in Scotland and England for a month this season, we’re ready for the hard work to come.

In September, Climate Week took place and we hosted a Green Infrastructure Walk, based on the map we produced as a self-guided tour for Open House New York. We also pitched in at the Dutch Kills Loop, where Green Map is on the core team for this exciting regenerative project, along with Newtown Creek Alliance, the Smiling Hogshead Ranch and Interval Projects. Get a glimpse of the most recent event here and see what’s coming up at  

We also co-presented with Glasgow and Dunoon Scotland Green Mapmakers during Climate Week, sharing our climate-centric work in NYC and worldwide! See the video at, along with our one hour program of short videos from 5 countries - Cuba, Japan, Israel, UK and US. Presented in November in Glasgow, it shares how our adaptable, freely accessible tools support climate action and healthier communities.

Our posts COP #1 and COP #2 have great images and details from our workshops and interactions in the UK. There, we had the pleasure of working in person with local leaders who have been active with Green Map for nearly 20 years! Our former neighbor is now a Green Party Member of the Scottish Parliament and MSP Burgess joined our workshops and met with all our active project leaders - we even marched together in the massive demonstration encouraging the climate negotiators to strengthen our common future.

For our ongoing work, it was especially important to meet with the GISCollective - Alexandra and Bogdan are the open source developers of our mapping platform and its new “What’s Nearby” app. Now in beta, it’s free at and works everywhere there is a Green Map. Together with this duo plus Hannah and team from Dunoon’s Green Map, we worked together assessing ways to extend the impacts and support climate adaptation and community wellbeing at the local level.

We’re so glad our director was invited to the TED Countdown climate conference - this event led to the full month of activities. Our thanks to all the homestay hosts, event producers, climate activists and Green Mapmakers who made this a high impact month. 

We’re so thankful to you for your ongoing support! We’re sending this before Thanksgiving in the hopes that you will peruse some of the videos and links during the break, and then, pitch in on Giving Tuesday - November 30th! GlobalGiving is boosting all contributions made from 12:01am ET to 11:59pm, whether it's a one time gift or a new recurring donation. It’s a huge help to us!

Watch for more news before the year is over, and our best wishes for a green and healthy holiday season.

Climate Action Report

By: Wendy Brawer on Sep 13, 2021

It’s been a good summer at Green Map in NYC, in between epic rain storms and air quality alerts that bring climate issues to the forefront. When we look back to our first climate-focused map made in 2006, we asked, “What’s your dream for the future - the Baked Apple or a healthy, beautiful city?” We’re still asking! And we’re gearing up for a busy autumn with your help (donations up to $50 are boosted 50% this week).

NYC’s newest Green Map project

We made this map in support of Stuy Cove, a treasured ‘food forest’ that has fed wild birds, butterflies and humans for nearly 20 years. This amazing native plant garden is on the move, and hundreds of plants are being distributed to other gardens, schoolyards and tree beds around the city. We wanted everyone to see where this biological richness continues to flourish, so we created a Campaign survey that sends responses to OGM2, our mapping platform (see This makes it easy for each location to record the status of the transplants on this map-in-progress. See it at - it’s expected to show about 40 locations when completed.

Making way for storm surge barriers, it’s our hope that Stuy Cove, a project of Solar One, will be able to return to its East River location, and continue supporting biodiversity and education in this community along the Atlantic Flyway, as currently planned.


Join us online on Wednesday, the 22nd of September, 2021 at 1:30 ET (6:30pm in the UK) with Scottish Green Map projects during Climate Fringe Week which is organised by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland to celebrate and support ways you can engage in climate activism. This event includes a pop in by the GIS Collective, rural and urban examples with Mr. Lovelock of Glasgow Eco Trust and Ms. Clinch of Dunoon's Tacit Design, along with global examples highlighting climate action that will inspire you before, during and after COP26. RSVP here

The next day, our director is presenting at the Service Design Scotland Distanced Gathering, an ongoing conversation hosted by Distanced Gathering that’s broken expectations of what can happen on Zoom. It’s at 11AM ET (4PM in the UK) on Thursday September 23. Delve in and register here.

Live event: Visualize Green Infrastructure! It’s a timely topic for the 10th LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival. Join Green Map’s walking discussion on Tuesday September 28 starting at 5PM ET at La Plaza Cultural, East 9th at Avenue C in the East Village. No need to RSVP. Check out the self-guided green infra tour map we created for Open House New York in 2020.

Supporting Changing Communities

We hope your community is moving to address all the issues and impacts coming to light now. With all the alarming news about climate change, we’re doing more, too. Soon, we’ll let you know about COP26-related events in Scotland and online latet this fall.

You can help us make the most of this opportunity to activate climate action through participatory mapping by pitching in by midnight on Friday during the 50% match on donations up to $50 in the Little by Little campaign! Thank you and be well, friends!


Climate News from Green Map NYC

By: Wendy Brawer on Jul 14, 2021

Our work in NYC for climate health continues in unique ways and now, we are excited to share some news that will extend our reach and connect us with the UN Climate conference, COP 26, and the NGO-oriented ‘Climate Fringe’ that will take place this fall.

Our director was invited to the climate-themed TED Countdown conference in Edinburgh in mid-October! This set in motion a plan to stay in Scotland for the COP and work with local Green Map projects and the many climate policy makers and activists who will be in and near Glasgow in early November! We’ll share plans and our public events that are live, hybrid and online as it gets closer. Special thanks to Ms. Clinch of Tacit Design in Dunoon and Mr. Lovelock of Glasgow Eco Trust where the Green Map is already underway, using OGM2, our cool new mapping platform and its campaign feature to engage people in creating it!

Want to help? Your contributions on July 14 of $100 - $1000 will be matched by GlobalGiving and will be dedicated to our work in Scotland this fall. Donate soon after 9:00 AM ET while matching funds last and give Green Map a big boost!

This season, we started a Recovery Map for our own Lower East Side neighborhood and demonstrated how to use the symbol set we created in 2020 to chart public health, recuperation and recovery at C2M2, the Cities, Covid, Mitigation and Mapping Symposium hosted by American Association of Geographers and Harvard University in June - find links to each day of this event as well as our most recent OGM2 Demo (with a sneak peek at the App in development!!) on our Blog. You’ll also see our recent Living Knowledge 9 presentation on the United Nations SDGs and Green Map on that page (our how to video for leading bike tours was also presented there).

Remember our East River Park data gathering project from our last report? LES Breathe has now deployed the first three air quality sensors to gather baseline data on PM2.5, temperature, etc. on the Lower East Side - the lower the number the better on this PurpleAir map. It’s clear that this environmental justice community needs lots more trees to cool and clean the air, yet the plan calls for nearly 1,000 mature trees to be cut down. Our 2019 campaign for more street trees has already placed 500 new saplings, but the need to protect what we have and plant more is dire - this June was the hottest ever for North America!

July finds us planning with the whole team at the Dutch Kills Loop, an ecological repurposing of disused infrastructure in Queens, enjoying NYC’s many beaches, community gardens and concerts under the stars, pitching in on open streets and connecting with community, always with the realities of climate health in mind.

Thank you for helping us be an active part of the solution! - our best wishes for a healthy and restorative season!

Get Matched! 100% Climate Week

By: Wendy Brawer on Apr 19, 2021

Happy Climate Action Week! Your donations of up to $100 are 100% matched all week, through Friday, April 24th at midnight ET - please pitch in! Help us collect the full $2,000 match offered by GlobalGiving. 

Your support has been critical to our work in NYC:

Yesterday, we held an online demo of our new mapping platform, OGM2, this time with participants from Afghanistan, Canada, Scotland, South Africa, Arizona, New York and Washington (find links these demos to, where the list of platform features and presentations is growing). See OGM2 at, and consider making your own local Green Map.

Then, it was time for Green Map NYC to head to a spring gathering in East River Park on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. We partnered with LES Breathe, a community group addressing the environmental, health and climate impacts of the ESCR project as currently designed. Many are concerned about upcoming years of construction, and the lack of transparency and review of this monolithic razing and raising of our largest park. Using OGM2's new Campaign feature at Saturday’s event, we provided an opportunity to engage people in sharing their story on the Monitoring East River Park Green Map. Explore it at

A part of East River Park Action, LES Breathe co-hosted an Open Data Week panel with Beta NYC and the Borough President’s office in March and is developing community partnerships to activate mutual aid responsiveness. This work ties in with Green Map NYC’s involvement with street tree stewardship, community gardening and other neighborhood climate health projects. We’re also part of the Dutch Kills Loop, an infrastructure reuse project in Long Island City, the Loisaida Open Streets Community Coalition and more, all described in the new project document posted on our GlobalGiving profile. 

It’s been a year like no other, and we are delighted to continually contribute to community mapping, across the board. Last week, our director had the honor of being the first speaker in the International Society of Participatory Mapping’s new Storylines series (recording is here) Follow @ISPMapping on Twitter for updates on the series.

With your help, we’re having an amazing spring, with locally led Green Map projects popping up all over the world. Our local work benefits New York City and the global Green Map network. This week, please pitch in - your donations of up to $100 are 100% matched now, through Friday at GlobalGiving - thank you so very much!

Our best wishes to all this Earth Week - Climate Action Week!

Spring Greetings from NYC

By: Wendy Brawer on Apr 12, 2021

We are having an amazing year, thanks to you. Now, we invite you to three events:

The Roots of our Practice:
Green Map stories will be shared in this exciting International Society for Participatory Mapping discussion providing a deep dive with a look ahead on Tuesday, April 13th, 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT (everytimezone). Please register here.

OGM2 Demo-Discussion:
Join us and explore our second mapping platform, Open Green Map 2 with its open source developers, the GIS Collective - bring your questions and suggestions! Register at for this Saturday, April 17, 2021, 10:00 AM ET (every time zone) session. See past sessions at 

Join us in the Park:
April 17th is a busy day! Join us in NYC’s East River Park, noon-3 to see our new “Campaign” app at work at a student-organized all-day community celebration with activities centered around the park’s historic Fireboat House (all the way east, near Delancey Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan). Drop by, all are welcome! More info here

Our local Climate Health projects, including Green Maps, are the subject of a new ‘project document’ on our GlobalGiving profile (or view here). We’re gearing up for the Climate Action Campaign - April 19th to 24th - when your support is 100% matched up to $100 for climate projects!

East River Park has been the scene of many Green Map events over the years. Now, our director has been working on Air Quality issues surrounding the massive East Side Coastal Resilience project with LES Breathe. She joined the Manhattan Borough President’s office, Beta NYC and groups working in parallel for Open Data Day - see And yes, there is a new Green Map underway, to be revealed soon!

We also hosted an Open Green Map event for Open Data Day - see the report here. Thanks to the maker of the FEEDJeffCo Green Map, there's a a handy resource there for getting a new project organized. 

Our new Recovery Icons have sparked a unique remote learning opportunity. Led by Dr. Green, the Pace School of Management in lower Manhattan has utilized our tools for mapping tourism resources for years. Pivoting to address the pandemic, they created a global Google Earth Global Recovery Map, using our 2020 new set of icons in several countries! See the introduction and explore this map here. 150 more sites will be added this Spring, too!

We hope you can join one of our events - and there is more to come during Climate Week! Be well, everyone! 


Making Places for Climate Action in NYC

By: Wendy Brawer on Dec 11, 2020

This week, GlobalGiving is incentivizing new recurring donations!  If you start yours before midnight this Friday, after the 4th month, Green Map will receive 200% of your first donation, boosting the value of your gift significantly. Recurring gifts help us plan, too! Our thanks to the seven recurring donors already helping us on this platform! You can support our global program or our local NYC climate action work!

Why give to Green Map? In addition to map making, we are partnering on several local placemaking projects in NYC that address climate head on: 

Close to our Lower East Side office, there’s a popular little park with a handsome former community recreation building that needs revitalization to reopen to the public. Green Map has been on the Stanton Building Task Force since 2012, along with the Sara D Roosevelt Park Coalition, University Settlement, FAB-NYC and Pratt Institute. This year, we celebrated the opening of its new public restrooms! This month, we hosted a public presentation by Pratt’s interior design students who reimagined the building from different perspectives, highlighting repair, food security, energy, free expression, teen engagement and more, as you can see at Will 2021 be the year the Stanton Building is returned to community use?  Watch for updates in the year ahead and at

The Dutch Kills Loop is moving forward, too. Since 2015, Green Map has been part of the team steering this infrastructure-reuse project that incorporates bio-active innovation - from composting and mycoremediation - and plans to clean stormwater, generate energy and much more along a disused rail line and two-mile loop of open space and restoration landscapes. Check out this Long Island City long-term project at and hopefully, soon, you will be able to come walk the Loop in person!

Green Map NYC is also taking part in Open Streets - this is a Covid-pivot that addresses our village’s too-narrow sidewalks and encourages on the street ‘distanced strolling’ and easy-going relaxation. These traffic-calming projects are all over NYC, and ours is the first managed by community members! Green Map is part of the team on Avenue B in the East Village, as seen at

Other climate action projects are in gardens, on bikes, at the riverside - more to come in a future newsletter, Around the world, many Green Map projects are also active in a range of on-the-ground projects supporting the regeneration of local nature and sustainable living.

Here’s some good news: New York became the first state to have their retirement fund divest from oil and gas - this is $226 Billion moving over to the green side! 

Wishing you all the best as the Winter Solstice approaches - we hope you will be in good health as you celebrate the return of the light and look ahead a positive year for climate progress, locally and globally!  


Grateful Progress in NYC

By: Wendy Brawer on Nov 30, 2020

What a season! At Green Map NYC, we have been fortunate to keep moving forward:

Green Map’s show at MoRUS, the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, has continued all autumn in Manhattan's East Village.  We have brought people together (distantly) for events, mapmaking and to delve into the maps on display. Through these events, such as the hands-on mapping event above, we have gained new supporters, volunteers and project partners. Some quick highlights:

Commemorating NYC Climate Week, our walking tour included the Avenue B 'open street', Village East Tower's super-efficient power & heat cogeneration plant and the array of energy innovations at La Plaza Cultural, a verdant community garden.

While we need a lot more of it, there are many kinds of storm-water absorbing green infrastructure around NYC. Here's the map (PDF here) we made for our tour for the self-guided 2020 Open House New York weekend - more on these events is at

What's coming up? In addition to #GivingTuesday, where you can support our global program or our local work (with incentives on Dec 1!), we will host the fourth of our Demo Discussions for our mapping platform-in-development on Friday, Dec 4th at 2pm ET - join the zoom here. Our thanks to the GIS Collective's Mr. Szabo and Ms. Casapu for all their great work on the OGM2 platform! Watch for updates on!

Our thanks to MoRUS Museum, the Grace Exhibition Space and Ms. Maucher, gardeners Ms. Canepa, Ms. Snyder and Mr. Keller, Mr. Di Paola, Ms. Meisel, Mr. Lanier and team at MoRUS, Ms. Ip and Ms. Arnow of East River Park Action, Open House NY, NYC Climate Week, Mr. Sage, Pair Networks and all who supported and took part in these events!

This Giving Tuesday - and everyday - we thank you for supporting this effort! Our local work informs our global network and vice versa. Keep it all rolling and stay safe everyone!


Now Open! Green Map's exhibit & events!

By: Wendy Brawer on Sep 14, 2020

As promised, we are back to share news with you about the Green Map exhibit, How Green Is My City? The show opened on September 6th and will remain on view for the rest of 2020 at the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, 155 Avenue C in Manhattan’s East Village. MoRUS Museum is open Tuesdays and Thursday-Sunday from 11AM-7PM. Given current uncertainties, check online at and for updates culminating in a December closing event.

Now! Donate $10-$50 (until Midnight Friday) for a 50% Match!

Find this small museum at the intersection of history and activism in the community where Green Map has been based for 25 years. Accordingly, our show is mostly about our own past accomplishments, locally and globally. We also include current projects that your donations have helped to support, such as our mapping platform in development, which will be featured in online demos and this neighborhood event: 

In person: Put your Spot on the Green Map! Saturday, September 19, 5-7pm 
Celebrate North American Day of Sustainable Communities by putting your favorite green sites on the map. Share your knowledge about places, projects and practices and find out about the OGM2 mapping platform at this outdoor event. It’s on the plaza at Grace Exhibtion Space, 2 blocks north of MoRUS at 182 Avenue C, where the “Microbes to Metropolis” exhibit by MoS MoBS LoBS Lab (by dd Maucher) is also on view. 

Online: OGM2 Demonstration Discussion! Join us on first Fridays, October 2, November 6 and December 4 at 2PM ET.
Join us from where you stand and find out about using Open Green Map 2, the new mapping platform (now in Beta) developed for us by the Berlin-based GIS Collective. Get the Zoom link at

We’ve also organized some tours, with more to come later this fall:

Climate Week NYC Exhibit Tour Friday, September 25th, 6pm - 
This event is part of Climate Week NYC 2020. Beginning at MoRUS Museum, this outdoor - indoor tour will provide unique insight and context to the Green Map movement. Please RSVP here

Green Map Cycling Tour Saturday October 17th, 3pm (rain date 10/18) -
This Green Map bike tour will highlight green infrastructure. We’ll track underwater streams and traverse the original NYC shore line into East River Park, which is slated for phased demolition beginning this fall. Guest speaker Ms. Ip from as well as maps from the past (and for the future) will help us gain perspective on current resiliency challenges and movements. Limited to 8 riders - with distancing & masks. RSVP to

And MoRUS has this family-friendly event planned:

East Village Community Garden Passport - Sunday, September 20th 4pm
You are invited to stop by MoRUS for your own copy of the Passport, which maps out a variety of sustainable gardens located in the East Village. Once you have gathered the stamps from all the gardens return the full passport to the museum and receive a prize! 

There is much more coming up this season at

We are so grateful for your support, which is matched all this week by GlobalGiving - donate $10 to $50 and we’ll receive 50% more from Sept 14-18! Anytime between 9am Monday and Midnight Friday! 

Thank you for your generosity and for your support of urban sustainability and healthier communities through Green Mapping!




Summer in the City with Green Map!

By: Wendy Brawer on Aug 06, 2020

Moving forward alongside the intensity of the city as it re-opens ain’t easy, but we are delighted to share that we are:

  • Celebrating 25 years with an exhibit & events at MoRUS Museum
  • Engaging with new local groups and projects
  • Being featured in ‘eSpatially’
  • Sharing our new Recovery Icons, locally and globally
  • Hosting online demos of our new mapping platform in progress
  • Standing up for positive change in every way!

Exhibit: “How Green Is My City” is opening soon! The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Spaces in Manhattan’s East Village is hosting a historical overview of our maps and other projects for the rest of 2020! Programming involves a mix of online events, outdoor tours and open hours - all to be confirmed around Labor Day and posted at and We’ll send you details then too, so you can join in. 

Collaboration: Check out the beautiful education resources made by Newtown Creek Alliance using our icons! “The Green Map icons made our final product beautiful, truly unique, far more intuitive, and that much easier to use!” said Ms. Bloodgood in eSpatially’s article.

Green Map NYC has also taken part in the new Loisaida Open Streets Community Coalition, creating new ways to use our public space during the health crisis (and we hope, it will extend beyond the current patchwork as the city addresses the Climate Emergency it declared last year). Our director has pitched in at Earth Matter's Soil Start, an urban farm growing for local soup kitchens, too. She’s supported the #SaveourCompost coalition which is now back in action, with the list of re-opened drop off locations expanding weekly to deal with food waste (a whopping 25% of NYC waste stream).

Green Map will continue this fall as a community member of the NEW INC. incubator, too!

Recovery: While the Pandemic has brought new uncertainties for everyone, we have worked to help illuminate the path forward. The Recovery Icons are being introduced to highlight public health, recuperation and regeneration - see them on our Instagram or our website, along with examples that could inspire you to create a new community resource, artwork, social media or map!

Technology: Yes, this set is available on OGM2, our new mapping platform in progress, and can be used alongside other icon sets there, including the UN 2030 Goals, as seen at Browse. Along with our partners at the GIS Collective, we’ve started hosting demos to supplement the video and text tutorials posted on - see for updates or email us to join. Our director has also been on Instagram Live and has given her permission to use the image below - listen in anytime. 

Green Map is a resource for every community. Use it to help your place and its people thrive! Thank you for your support of this vital work, and have a safe, sustainable summer!

Bringing the new future home + 50% match all week

By: Wendy Brawer on Apr 21, 2020

From our vantage point on NYC’s Lower East Side, the pandemic’s painful reality hits far too close to home. Our hearts go out to all who have lost family, friends and livelihoods, here and everywhere. But we are also seeing communitycommunities coming together under clear blue skies, encouraging us to think about tomorrow, and what comes next for cities everywhere.

How can we help people bring local culture back to life in a climate-smart and healthy way? So far we have created two new approaches and invite your input and support as we move forward with Recovery Icons and Open Space Gateways projects.

If you can donate this week to support these approaches, it’s matched 50 percent! We'd appreciate your help!

Recovery Icons

Green Map and friends have drafted a concise set of icons combining new and existing symbols to help communities regenerate local culture once this viral storm has passed. Use them freely on your maps, signs, murals, social media, apps, etc. and guide the way to local recovery resources and a more resilient and healthy future. Examine the set and the first NYC ‘proof of concept’ examples (including images in this message) - add your comments please at

Open Space Gateway - Active Tourism Campaign

Green Maps have always been about celebrating local environments. Now, with everyone re-localizing, we are developing a campaign to encourage people to get outdoors and explore nearby parks and open spaces with the help of an informational Gateway (online and in popup kiosks) that ihighlights the best of the city’s landscapes, biodiversity, programming and special places outdoors that are (1) free and open to the public in this time of re-localization (2) when to go (3) fitness, eco-cultural and age-appropriate features and (4) safe ways to get there. 

Open Space means both open to the public and open space, ideal for physical distancing and connection with nature. Cemeteries, campuses, reused infrastructure projects, forested grounds and other open green spaces as well as major parks can gain new audiences safely. This spring, summer and beyond, this eco-active service will be especially valuable to families and really, to everyone as travel is limited, even small parks are closed and residents are urged to stay close to home. It’s especially important now as nature is so healing and so many of us haven’t recently explored the wonderful diversity that our own communities have to offer. Read more here:

Climate Actions

We’ve undertaken several actions during this acute crisis - see them here: Each of these actions has a climate impact and we’ll be sending you more about them this week during GlobalGiving’s Climate matching campaign – your help means so much to us!

Thank you for your donation - 50% match through Friday (up to $500) - a great opportunity for us. 
Be well, everyone. 

Green Map NYC from the Bottom Up

By: Wendy E Brawer on Jan 31, 2020

2020 is an important year for clear vision on climate health, and Green Map NYC’s diverse local projects are moving forward in hopeful new ways. 

Waste! We can design waste out to join the circular economy: In January, we worked with SUSDesign and hosted their unique circular design workshop at NEW INC. Attracting a cross-section of local product designers and makers, the workshop was so successful that a second Circular Design workshop is being planned - tentatively for March 20 - watch for updates on the Circular City website and on Twitter.

Toilets! Yes! A new public comfort station is opening at the Stanton Building on the Lower East Side! Step One toward return of this former recreation building to the community, these shiny new stalls are a milestone in our long-term collaboration with University Settlement, FABNYC and Sara D Roosevelt Park Coalition. From Green Map NYC’s perspective, crosscutting spaces like these can build much-needed social resilience. Responding to the impending loss of nearby East River Park, we have drafted a nature-based concept, and welcome your responses to this vision. 

Street Trees! Roosevelt Park was also the scene of our SDGs in the Park event in Fall 2019. There, we planted the first of 1,000 street trees that will soon shade our overheated community, initiated by our campaign and supported by CB3 and NYC Parks. This, and other climate actions in our year end report, were accomplished thanks to your support. 

Nature! Green Map NYC is taking part in the emerging ReNature NYC coalition as well, aiming to preserve and regenerate verdant spaces across the city, as well as through participation in the 2020 Earth Celebrations (and other local revisionings). We are part of an exciting infrastructure re-use project, Our preparedness for bicyclers video is the featured first case study in Shareable’s new guide to collective resilience, too!

Maps! We’re planning to build on the success of Refresh LES. Our 2019 map of free, cool and healthy places is becoming a model this year, so we can share our open process as the season heats up. In support of Green Mapmaking everywhere, we are currently beta testing our new mapping platform in development, too. 

Many thanks to each of our GlobalGiving donors! We’ll share more about climate and collaborative responses in our next report. 


Join the celebration Nov 21st!

By: Pam Green on Nov 05, 2019

Save the date and join us on Thursday November 21st at Brooklyn Brewery for a great Tasting Party which benefits our nonprofit!

Our thanks to NYC Whisky and all its fans and friends, and yes! please join the party, too!

You'll be benefiting our open source mission to ‘think global and map local’, plus this event supports lots of related local sustainability initiatives by our organization and the Green Map network here, there and everywhere.

Event: November 21st, 7-9pm at Brooklyn Brewery, 79 N 11th 
(near the L train at Bedford stop in Brooklyn)
Get your tickets here:

Happy 10th anniversary, NYC Whisky! Our thanks to you and all pur GlobalGiving donors! 


Action Season at Green Map

By: Wendy Brawer on Sep 04, 2019

All summer, we’ve been out and about, helping new projects get rolling, distributing our newest map, and getting involved with planning for September’s days of climate action around the United Nations and across the city. 

NYC: A Climate Emergency was declared June 26th. 21 days later, our Refresh LES Green Map was published, both as a PDF and as a folding map. Pairing cool, healthy and free places with energy saving and urban heat island information, 2,500 copies went like ‘hot cakes’! Check it out at, and find places, indoors and out, to be comfortable while the city bakes. Download it in English or Spanish, thanks to you, our Global Giving donors, and LES Ready. In keeping with our new open source policy, the map file is available for making your own bespoke version. We hope NYC’s first Cool Green Map inspires other neighborhoods and cities to consider making their own in time for the next heat wave. 

Events in NYC:

Monday, Sept 16   Go Green Map!
5 to 7pm at Siempre Verde Garden, 181 Stanton on Manhattan’s Lower East Side

Curious about creating a Green Map with your neighborhood, school or group? Join us to find out how to use adaptable youth and community resources to map sustainability, generate climate action & support a greener, healthier city! Free, all ages welcome to this LUNGS Harvest Arts Fest event! 

Sept 12-29  Who Takes Care of New York? at Queens Museum
We’re in STEW MAP’s citywide stewardship exhibit

Sept 20  Join us at the Global Climate Strike, at noon in Foley Square,or find a sister event organized by youth all over the world at Support this action on Friday Sept 27, too. Greta Thunberg in NYC - Yes! We volunteered at her arrival, joining Climate Nexus, and other groups at the marina when this powerful climate activist stepped foot in the Americas! 

Sept 26  A Walk in the Park - SDGs in the Real World
4 to 6:30 PM in Sara D Roosevelt Park, starting at SE corner of 2nd Ave and Houston St.

While they may seem formal and distant, examples of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are all around us. Join us in SDR Park, and use our self-guiding map (or join a tour) and visit the 17 SDG stations, including exemplary neighbors and community assets. Special speakers, surprises, refreshments and plenty of nature to enjoy on this Walk in the Park as you experience the SDGs in the Real World! 

Join Green Map System and the Sara D Roosevelt Park Community Coalition in celebrating NYC’s Climate Week and the Global Week to #ACT4SDGS. All are welcome to this free outdoor event, rain or shine. Details:

More News:

OGM2: Lots of progress is being made on our new Open Green Map mapping platform. OGM2 is the second version of Green Map’s own ‘social mapping platform’. Bogdan Szabo and Ciprian Samoila delivered the first public talks about it at, the open mapping conference at the end of August (watch for the livestream archive on a blog we will post in September). With field testing underway now, we look forward to moving this platform into every day usage in the coming months.

Stuyvesant & Hudson NY: A brand new Green Map project is getting underway upstate. Started by artist Sandra Kopenen, the group includes people involved in much-needed regenerative growing. This map will soon share a regional story that includes everything from community food forests, edible landscapes, youth, flower and carbon farming. 

Azabu University, Japan: We are delighted that the students of Fumiyo Murayama will be creating a new Green Map, with a featured event in the Nanasawa Forest Park this fall. They are also creating the Japanese version of the SDGs - Green Map Icon matching chart. We are always inspired by Japanese Green Mapmakers: The Cool Share Map inspired Refresh LES and we even borrowed the Go Green Map logo from one of the books created in 2010 by Aichi Green Map!

Looking forward to lots more #climateAction with you this fall - and thank you for your support! 

Thank You! an Update from Green Map NYC

By: Wendy Brawer on Jun 03, 2019

Thank you to Green Map NYC donors!

When you pitched in during our Climate Action campaign in April, you helped us raise a combined total of over $8,500! Thank you to 100+ donors, you are wonderful friends to our organization, some giving twice or becoming recurring donors. We made it to 4th place - really great for the first time we posted our NYC project! 

So what has your help generated so far for Green Map projects?

You made it possible for us to take part in the House of Solutions on Governors Island this Summer! Our first two all-ages free workshops are this weekend, June 8th and 9th from 1:30-3:30 in Nolan Park #4B. RSVP here. We’ll be mapping observations together, and later this summer, combining many different viewpoints into a Green Map that will help everyone bring home climate action ideas from the September 21 Festival - save the date! 

This summer, there are great programs every weekend at the House of Solutions, hosted by Human Impacts Institute and the Climate Reality project. Nolan Park, in a peaceful grove on the island's northeast quarter, has a dozen other houses full of green groups! Escape from the city with picnic, sunhat, bikes and friends - it’s a truly terrific 'staycation' destination! See 

In addition to the climate action Green Map that will launch Sept 21, we will release the first 'Cool' Green Map in July. Created for our community on the Lower East Side, the goal is being comfortable without using your own AC, reducing electricity use and building community connections at the same time. Funded in part by LES Ready and your donations, watch for debut news next month. 

Our team is taking part in several climate initiatives, including the Youth Climate Strike, Extinction Rebellion, Beyond Plastics, East River Alliance, the Stanton Building Task Force and more. Our director has gotten our community board to make a Resolution to support street trees and stewardship, and soon, we will invite you to upcoming events that tie in. We'll also be testing the Eco-Story Dice, created by Baltimore Green Map’s Janet Felsten and our board member, Barent Roth... more to come.

By the way, Global Giving is matching recurring donations this entire year! On the 4th month of your donation, we get 100% match - see details here. NYC Green Maps + Climate Action has 4 recurring donors, if we get to 6, we get points (we like points!).

Thanks much to each of you - wishing you all a great green summer! 

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