Mapping our Common Ground was launched in Budapest by Maeve Lydon at the Living Knowledge Fest

Sharing outcomes from Spring Meetings in Europe

Local project leaders and Green Map’s director had an especially good series of meetings in May and June in five European countries - Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Switzerland and Finland. A highlight was the launching of Mapping Our Common Ground, third edition, and the first to be released as an eBook - get your copy of this guide free at Special thanks to Maeve Lydon, Ken Josephson, John Lutz and the many Green Mapmakers who provided stories, images and advice for the book! Launched in Budapest HU (where the photo above was taken) and in Bistrita, RO at the same time, find out more about the story behind this handy resource.

A total of nine meetings with municipalities, NGOs, an embassy and UN staff were part of the trip’s mix of activities. The United Nations SDGs (2030 Global Goals) played a part in many of these meetings, as we have now charted our icons in relation to these 17 goals, added them to our guide, and begun exploring how our network has been using them ‘on the ground’. This activity is featured in the slideshow at This presentation will continue to evolve as we are taking part in some of the related events alongside the United Nations High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in July in New York. 


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