In the Interstitial between websites!

Website Changeover is underway!

As we are nearing the date of our Open launch party (10 Dec 2018), this new website is replacing the Greenhouse, which was our online 'home' from 2007 until November 2018.

During this interstitial, more change is taking place. Our thanks to Ciprian Samolia, Thomas Turnbull and Wendy Brawer for making this changeover happen!

When the Greenhouse was the repository for, our network grew to 992 Green Map projects in 65 countries! The Greenhouse menu, including Mapmaker Profiles and maps will still be online, and accessible at, as long as Drupal 4.7 is supported, thanks to the great team who created it. If you are looking for the Open Green Map mapping platform, reach it at - existing links to the 500+ specific maps have not changed.

If you wonder why we called it the Greenhouse, as noted "You can even smell the distinct aromas of this new garden of Green Maps... Let's keep nurturing this 'bouquet' with your projects and experiences..." Now, as we are opening the new website and introducing our open policies, we invite you to become part of the movement to map what matters in your community, and to join us in celebrating the new!

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