spring with Corlears Magnolias, 2022


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"Do you fear the collapse of your civilization as it proves inadequate to the changes happening in the world? Far better to fear the collapse of hope. Far better to fear the collapse of joy. Far better to be alarmed at the collapse of imagination and creativity. For these are the qualities you need to change your direction in the world. The loss of your coastlines to a rising sea is nothing compared to the loss of your capacity to love and to find wholeness within yourself and within your world.
"Humans are not facing challenges of ecology. You are facing challenges of psychology. Your inner climate is wracked with storms of fear and anger, hatred and revenge. This is where change must happen. It is how you think of yourselves that must transform. What can you do to change your inner climate?
"Yes, nature needs your help. Yes, the world needs your concern, your awareness, your love, your support. Yes, you are threatened. But what truly threatens you are outmoded thought forms of who you are. You do not see the wholeness of life in the world, and because of this, you do not see the wholeness of life within yourselves.
"...Each of you can help with this. Choose to see the world as a living presence. Choose to see the power of love within yourself. Change your inner climate and you will find your way to a new world. Stay as you are, and a new world will be upon you, but it will not be to your liking...
"Is this warning enough? Is this hope enough?"
-- Mariel, spokesperson, "Conversations with the Sidhe", David Spangler

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