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Interns and Volunteers

Interns and volunteers have been essential to Green Map System for over a decade.   This page lists many of the dedicated individuals who have contributed time and energy to this local-global eco-cultural organization over the years, and touches upon their accomplishments.

“it has made me feel strongly connected with the global sustainability movement”, says urban planning student, Oksana Mironova, who interned in 2006-07 to gain familiarity with the non-profit world.

If you are interested in becoming an intern, volunteer or staff member, we would like to hear from you! Contact us your resume along with a note about the projects you are interested in getting involved with. More on this is below.


Early in the year, Raymond Chetti (U Buffalo) and Mariel Shaw helped us create a new youth mapping video. Julia Brocker worked with us on our New York University project and created Shannon Tyler worked with us on grants. Thanks to CDS International, our summer marketing intern business ethics student, Daniel Enver Merdan, from Duesseldorf, Germany is helping to develop a new sponsorship program for Green Map System.


This year Miikka Lammela of Turku Finland and Gottfried Haider of Vienna Austria came to us thanks to CDS International. Working with Thomas Turnbull, these interns, Sun Yee and Lee Frankel-Goldwater joined forces to fast forward the development of the Open Green Map social mapping platform. Miikka has stayed involved in 2009, and is currently is helping us in the development of the applications for mobile devices. During 2008 Andrew Sass and Yoko Ishibashi created a great graphic design team. They developed the creating the brand identity for the Open Green Map and completed many other important visualization projects. Yoko also translated the Green Map Impacts Bbook (download free at from original edition published by Green Map Japanese, and redesigned it to fit on North American size paper. Dru Hara worked on a variety of projects as the Open Green Map was developed. Maddy Goldfarb and Kathryn Podobinski helped us with grant wrting and Ana Lagos helped us translate the definitions for the Green Map Icons into Spanish.


In 2007, Oksana Miranova, a Lang School urban planning student, worked with us as editor and planner throughout the winter and spring. Becky Stern, a digital design student from Parsons, got the Greenhouse started and organized our inhouse network in our new office. Past intern Xixi Chen returned as a volunteer to help with Chinese outreach, as did Pei Hao Li of Taiwan. Summer interns include Annie (AnPing) Liu from University of British Columbia and China, Tom Hammer of Cornell University and Kali DeDominicis of University of Ediburgh. Two wonderful volunteers, Eve Mersfelder of Boston US and Hsiao-ping (Pinger) Huang of Taipei Taiwan were great help! In Fall, we gained planning students Yelena Zolotorevskaya of The Lang School in NYC and Courtney Wolf of NYU’s Wagner School, both are involved in several major projects this season.


In 2006, Jessica (Jits) Gysen-Spannagle, a remote sensing & greeenhouse gas analyst originally from Belgium, and New School sociology student Joshua Jon-Lewis Rosenthal from Chicago joined our team. Design students, Alex Thomas (Goldsmiths UK) and Anya Farquhar (Design Center, California) contributed the wonderful Style Guide for printed Green Maps and the Composting Green Map, respectively, as well as other projects. Ichiro Chihara worked on the Icon Update project, both here and in Hiroshima.


In 2005, Swedish environmental philosopher Max Goldstein was our first volunteer – a year later, he published Stockholm's Green Map! Graphic designer Millie Lin of Taiwan did her thesis on our identity and urban planner XIxi Chen of Beijing was a summer intern, as was native New Yorker and computer science student Lee Frankel-Goldwater. Special thanks to Romanian environmental student Ciprian Samoila, whose ongoing volunteer work on our blog, forum, Icon Update and other websites is wonderful. In the fall, Marshall Levine and Jocelyn Ziemian of NYC and Soon Chung Lim of the Singapore Green Map joined us - Soon Chung has now joined the Icon Update team, and undertaken many other important jobs here.


In 2003-04, graphic designer Lauren Monchik (School of Visual Arts), web designer Yasuhito Kanayama of Tokyo, internet marketer Armen Vartarian and graphic designer Kana Hashimoto all provided stellar assistance to GMS!

In 2002, Columbia anthropology student Caroline Samponara, Pratt graphic designers Hamdeh Alsouqi and Iris Glaser, and NYU Gallatin student Jennifer Stark-Hernandez contributed many hours to GMS.

In 2001, graphic designer Grace Suhr from Parsons School of Design and Sarahjane Sacchetti of NYU, Susanne Meuller of University of Munich, Charles Rowan of Baruch University and Tracy Steed of NYU worked on global materials and printed and online Green Apple Maps, German introduction and new materials for our Youth Programs.

In 2001, we even had our first high school students. Leslie Liriano, Freddie Bell and Rory Turner of City As School High School helped on LoMap, our local youth mapping project.


In 1999-97, we had terrific interns including Emma McGregor-Lowndes, a planner from Australia, and Sandra Lory and Beth Ferguson, students of sustainable studies at Hampshire College, MA. The online Green Apple Map would not have been possible without Peter van de Loo, remote sensing analyst from Germany, and Carnegie Mellon student Jason Goldsmith.

Special thanks to our original intern, graphic designer Alexandra Sticher! She set a high standard for all future interns at Green Map System.


Volunteers have included Argentinian Beatriz Castañeda, ecological economist, who was GMS's Spanish Program Editor / economía ecológica, Editor del Programa en Español del GMS. Russian Alena Hornakova helped edit our Youth Disk and Johann Merritt worked on our bookkeeping in 2000, and Poonie Holst helped with youth resource planning in 2001. Kyle Hoepner provided graphic support in 1999-2001.

Thanks to our virtual volunteers from several states, Indonesia, Trinidad and Korea!

Interning and Volunteering at Green Map

If you are interested in working with natural and cultural sustainability issues, being an intern in the New York City international office of the Green Map System (GMS) is an exciting way to enter into the world of Green Mapping. We have a dynamic work-team environment and offer informative internships to future leaders, ages 18 and up.

Max Goldstein, our 2005 intern from Sweden says, “Rather than working for a very specific branch of a large organization, at GMS you get to see it all. In addition to the excitement and opportunity of living in New York, work in the GMS office will teach you about environmental sustainability, mapmaking, design, networking, and much more. And once your internship is over, you can really put your new skills to use by leading a Green Map (or communications) project somewhere else, be it in your hometown or your new neighborhood, and help us inspire environmentally sustainable living around the world”