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Green Map System supports inclusive participation in sustainable community development worldwide, using mapmaking as its medium.

Working collaboratively since 1995, this nonprofit expands the demand for healthier, more vibrant communities with adaptable mapmaking tools and universal icons, multi-lingual participatory websites, workshops and regional hubs. Transforming local information into global interaction, the interactive Open Green Map platform invites the public to enhance the maps as well as explore them. Building leadership, networks and skills, Green Map teams have extended their impacts with sustainability initiatives that address directly challenges to community well-being.

Today, in over 900 communities in 65 countries, Green Maps are guiding millions to make climate-smart everyday decisions that promote the uniqueness of home and its environment. Get involved and support this perspective-changing movement.

Think Global, Map Local!

Green Map System

    • creates adaptable map-making processes, accessible tools and universal icons that allow local Green Map teams to identify and share information about the green living sites and natural, cultural and social resources in their communities

    • helps local teams to gain valuable skills in collaborative decision-making, project management, community organizing and communications as part of their map-making process

    • promotes international collaboration with a global network of Mapmakers who share ideas and contribute valuable insights for the Green Map movement from a variety of cultural perspectives

    • provides educational programs, events, print and multimedia resources, interactive web and mobile platforms, all to support professional, institutional, youth and grassroots project leaders in highlighting the emerging green economy, celebrating the uniqueness of home and protecting biodiversity

    Explore this website and Green Map's iPhone App to find out how newcomers, long time residents, journalists, policy-makers, students and visitors in your community can benefit directly by having an active Green Map highlighting progress toward sustainability in your part of the world.