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Promote Green Maps

Help spread the good word about! This website offers the best introduction to community-led Green Map projects around the world along inspiring related resources.

Buttons & Banners

These creative graphics make it easy for you to promote Green Map System on your website. Simply copy and paste the code for one of the graphics into your HTML page. The buttons will be active — one click sends visitors to our home page.

Booklet, List of Projects & Newsletters

In 2007, we published a small illustrated booklet about our program and its impacts. You are welcome to download the Booklet here (PDF, 5 MB). Read it, email it, or make it part of a public presentation on community sustainability. Contact us for copies by mail.

Our List of Projects as of June 2014 includes over 900 Green Map projects in 65 countries! Our existing projects are being added to the Maps section by the Mapmakers themselves. During this spring-summer 2007 transition, the List will supplement the profiles found on this site. Print on either A4 or letter-size paper, if necessary.

Green Map System has produced Milestones, our annual newsletter, for several years. Download from our Newsletters page. Use these PDFs in digital format or print on either A4 or letter-size paper.

Icon Posters

Available in several languages, this handy poster includes the full set of 125 Green Map® Icons for sustainability, natural and cultural sites.

Media & Books

We offer a Green Map Media Anthology 2007 DVD with 3 slideshows and 4 videos, as well as books about our work in several languages, described here and available in our Store . We can provide complementary copies in special outreach situations.

Many thanks for helping spread the word about this community sustainability program!