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Intern at Green Map's blog

Virtual Mapping of Public Libraries

After thinking about which public spaces in my local community have had the biggest impact on me, I considered one which has helped me further my education and bolstered my enjoyment of reading: my public library! The Northern New Jersey Public Libraries Map highlights this invaluable resource which encourages literacy, education, research, and social interaction, all for free.

With this community resource in mind, I started to think about how to map them. After doing some research, I discovered that my local library was part of a larger system called the Bergen County Community Library System (BCCLS), and found the organization’s website extremely helpful. After finding the names and addresses of all the local public libraries, I knew I needed to find their coordinates to map them, so I used the geocoding platform, My Geo Position. With all of this information on a spreadsheet, I was ready to publish the northern New Jersey libraries on the Open Green Map platform, and after a few days of data entry had an interactive Green Map with 80 sites!read more »

Learning Tech for Sustainability with Green Map System

Jake Greenberg and Wendy Brawer at the People, Power, Planet Party Street Fair on the Lower East Side

Hi! My name is Jake Greenberg, I am a rising Senior at Brandeis University (a college in Waltham, Massachusetts) who has been volunteering at Green Map System during the Summer of 2017. Work is always exciting at Green Map System and I have had more opportunities here than I could have ever expected. With that, I am excited to share some highlights from my experience so far!

I began by assisting Green Map System in incorporating new technologies for community mapping and working toward the launch of its new website, planned for fall 2017. With a background in GIS from college, I have specifically been helping Green Mapmakers utilize advanced platforms like Story Maps on ArcGIS online, making an example map, the Northern Valley of New Jersey Story Map, to demonstrate how the platform works (and to help finalize the tutorial kindly donated by Esri Canada). My map has pictures, videos, and descriptions, each of which makes the Story Map come to life. read more »

Korean Open Green Map now open! 그린맵 공식 웹사이트에 한국 상륙하다!

sun and yutaka

Korean is the 9th language on the Open Green Map! Thank you WonSun Choi for making this award-winning platform available to 50 million more people!

안녕하세요, 그린맵 인턴 최원선입니다.

방금, 뉴욕 현지 시간으로 2014년 2월 20일 목요일, 그린맵 공식 웹사이트에 한국어가 추가되었습니다. 한국어를 포함하여 이젠 모두 9개의 언어를 그린맵에서 만나실 수 있습니다. 많은 도움을 준 yukata와 함께 한국어 버전 웹사이트를 개발하는 과정에 찍은 사진입니다.

그린맵 공식 웹사이트에서 확인하세요. 언어는 왼쪽 상단의 메뉴에서 변경 가능합니다. read more »

지도를 펼쳐, 지구를 담다. 우리동네 그린맵을 소개합니다!

picture of us

Hello, 안녕하세요?

저는 숙명여자대학교에 재학 중이며 Green Map System 뉴욕본사에서 겨울방학 기간 동안 인턴을 진행중인 최원선입니다. 인턴을 시작한지는 1달이 조금 넘었고, 한국으로 돌아가기까지는 2주정도가 남았습니다. 처음 맨하탄 사무실에 도착했을 때는 긴장도 많이 했었지만, 짧은 시간이었지만 Boss인 Wendy, 이 사진을 찍어준 Walter, 이스라엘에서 온 Bernice, 독일에서 온 Aruna 모두 친절하게 저를 도와주었기 때문에 잘 적응할 수 있었습니다. read more »

Connecting with Chinese Mapmakers

Angran, Eugenie and Aaron

With over 40 active Chinese Green Map projects in #Taiwan and #China, we are excited to create new bilingual resources and information to support these locally-led sustainability mapping projects.

My name is Eugenie. I’m from Taiwan and have been in the states for 18 years. I came to Green Map with a music education background and my interest in sustainability. I am currently collaborating with Angran Li, a graduate design student from Beijing (on the left), and Aaron Reiss, who studied Chinese and taught English in China, to help increase the impact Green Map System has on Chinese-speaking communities. read more »

Barcelona’s Guerilla Green Map

Barcelona, Spain is a city abundant in historical and cultural character, attracting a vast tourism industry. The city’s free, McDonald’s sponsored tourism map, Barcelona Tourisme, highlights many of these sites for visitors. However, ecotourism sites that advance Barcelona’s sustainability are left uncharted. Barcelona Green Map, now led by Petz Scholtus of Pöko Design Studio, seeks to change that.

Barcelona’s green resources were first charted on Mapa Verd in 1999. Led by solar engineer Josep Puig, hundreds of sites were plotted on the map. Since then, the city has advanced its sustainability efforts, including a bike share system that revolutionized sustainable transportation throughout the city. To share these resources with tourists, Barcelona’s Green Mapmakers have created an eco-advocating refinement to the thousands of maps distributed by McDonald’s. Using the existing Barcelona Turisme as its base, Pöko Design Studio created an overlay printed on transparent vellum (trace paper) that adds a layer of green sites to the free map available at the Barcelona Tourist Office. This provides tourists access to natural, cultural and green living resources, in addition to the sites on the underlying map. Barcelona Green Map also provides its sites with a window tag, identifying their inclusion on the Green Map and promoting them as sustainability sites. read more »

NYC LEED Open Green Map

So much in this city can be described as “green.” Each street corner may reveal a sprawling farmer’s market of local fruits and vegetables or perhaps a painted green concrete bike lane. As New York City enters an age in which it must improve its energy yield, Green Building is at the forefront in creating a sustainable metropolis. In 2007 Mayor Michael Bloomberg released PlaNYC, a plan to reduce New York City’s greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30% by 2030. In April 2011, an updated version of PlaNYC concluded that 80% of New York City’s greenhouse gas emissions are due to the operation of buildings. From sprouting skyscrapers to historic brownstones, buildings define our cityscape. In order to move towards sustainability, NYC must improve the performance of existing buildings and any new construction to more »

NYC Compost Green Map Expanded to 5 Boroughs

First published in 2007, the Compost Green Map of Manhattan has been a beacon for gardeners and waste-aware citizens across the city. Indicating both composting how-to’s and sites for community composting, this small yet powerful map teaches residents of Manhattan how feasible—and beneficial—it is to turn food and garden scraps into rich new soil. Our partner on the project, the Lower East Side Ecology Center, has resultantly experienced exponential growth in the amount of compostables dropped off at their locations in Manhattan!

In 2011, policy makers have acted to increase composting in Manhattan and funded 23 new projects, including the expansion of the online edition at New sites are springing up all over. Each of these new efforts is mapped thanks to a grant from Borough President Scott Stringer, Manhattan SWAB, and Citizen's Committee for more »

Green Map Exhibition at Kita-Kyushu, Japan


This summer, Green Map invites you to an exciting ‘2011 Summer Green Map Special Exhibition’, held in Zenrin Map Gallery in Kita-Kyushu Japan, starting from Thursday July 21, 2011 and through August 31.

Sponsored by a Japanese major map company Zenrin, Inc., the exhibition shows about 50 unique locally designed Green Maps from all over the world. Visitors also have a chance to touch and experience Open Green Map in the exhibition. During the exhibition there will be workshops for children and parents to actually make a Green Map, and meet Green Map Japan and mapmakers from Kita-Kyushu. read more »

Green Map Internship Leads to a Career in Sustainability

Morgan Presenting her Syracuse University Project
Green Map’s internship program supports aspiring environmentalists and geographers, providing them with a diverse experience in the non-profit world. Whether based in Green Map’s global office or through Internet collaboration, internships have encompassed an array of projects, adding to the global mapping movement. Internships have also led directly to employment; such is the case with Morgan Leykam, a geography major and Green Map intern who I’ve had the opportunity to interview. To me, a current intern, her story inspires ambition and provides insight into pursuing a career.

Leykam’s internship experience was unique in that she partook in Green Map’s "virtual internship" program. This program fostered mapmaking and independent research skills during the summers of 2009 and 2010, allowing numerous interns to conduct their own Green Map projects while collaborating online via blog. Leykam’s project involved mapping the Syracuse University Area, in order to document its increasing focus on sustainability. Her project began in 2009, and she developed it throughout the next year, ultimately completing it as a senior thesis. “My internship with Green Map completely shaped my last year of college,” said Leykam. “It tied together all the different things I was learning about and helped me focus what my concentration in geography was.” read more »

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