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Cape Town Green Map - Now Available in print

Cape Town Green Map

The 24 November 2009 was the launch of the print version of the Cape Town Green Map - a user-friendly, handy guide that makes green choices both accessible and meaningful.
The print map is a fresh take on the Mother city's natural environment, reminding visitors and residents to live, work and play responsibly in order to reduce human impact on our fragile ecosystems.

Whilst the website is a dynamic and interactive way to engage with 'green Cape Town', the print map is an easy-to-hold snapshot in time for easy reference. All of the sites have been handpicked from a far greater availability on the online version of the map – not an easy task, considering there are now over 250 of more »

200 listings for the Cape Town Green Map

The Cape Town Green Map has reached the 200 listings mark! This is an exciting time as we embark on compiling our printed Green Map. Our website receive a considerable boost in traffic after we placed adverts recently, in the local and community papers, urging residents to participate in the project. Our funding has received a small boost and this will allow us to sustain the project for a further 12 months, while it gathers momentum and ultimately becomes selfsustaining!

Cape Town Green Map reaches 167 sites


Cape Town Green Map currently has 167 sites listed and is growing steadily. The project team decided that it was neccessary to inform the residents of Cape Town about the project and the availability of free listings on the Cape Town Green Map. Adverts were placed in several local papers with City wide distribution!
We are about to embark on the production of the printed Green Map for Cape Town, which promises to be an exciting process! We are also producing some marketing media for inclusion in several media packs that will be used leading up to the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup.

We have also received extensive media coverage! The most notable being TV coverage on CNBC Africa, who aired two different clips on the Cape Town Green Map!read more »

Cape Town Green Map goes 'live' with a virtual launch on World Environment Day

The Cape Town Green Map - isn’t just a bunch of intersecting lines and street names. Rather it is the heart of the city, a green life-force, which sends out information via the numerous vessels and networks of the internet.

As with all maps, it provides direction – but with a difference.

No other map has attempted to chart and detail the city of Cape Town from a green angle before. The map can be used to make greener lifestyle choices, and help people to make more informed decisions on how to live sustainably. It is also different because it is on-going, evolving and constantly being more »

Website goes live in beta

The website - goes live in beta version on 30 March. The team is happy with its progress, although there are still a few things to iron out before the official launch of the site, such as the slide show, which remains static but will function as a dynamic slide show featuring pictures from the map and Cape Town.

In the meantime there is synergy between Cape Town's green map and the official launch of the Open Green Map system. Both are set to launch on 5 June 2009, World Environment Day!

The Cape Town Green map team begin actively sourcing and approaching partners and sponsors, who are overwhelmingly positive about the map, particularly as there is a focus on South Africa for 2010. This despite the current downward trend of the economy. It appears that whilst business is feeling the squeeze, the effort to green (or blue) our planet is still a more »

Cape Town's logo & website

Our logo is designed, selected and finalised (after much debate), and the team begins work on the website and blog. At the same time, work begins on adding sites to the online map, as yet not viewable by Capetonians and other general public but accessible by mapmakers around the world.

Initial content is written for the website and the first blog or two are on standby for 'go live'! Finding iconic pictures to represent Cape Town for the website header pictures has presented something of a challenge. One which the team feels more than capable of meeting!

The team begins talks with initial interested sponsors. They appear very enthusiastic about the project. The team is busy putting together a proposal for sponsors that includes prospective press offices (press releases about events, products and ventures) and advertising potential (web buttons/banners) on (not yet live).read more »

Cape Town gets a Green Map!

The City of Cape Town gives the go-ahead to A&C maps and urban sprout to begin work on producing a Cape Town Green Map for the Mother City. The team is to create both an online and a printed map later this year that will act as a doorway to all that is green in the mother city. This will position Cape Town as the green city in South Africa.

Cape Town’s Green Map will likewise promote and encourage sustainable living practices and care for the more »

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