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NYC Fashion Map

Can we put 'good' clothes on the map? Explore, which shares shops and services for lower impact shopping choices. Created with support from Patagonia Soho, this map is embedded below (along with the code to add it to your own website, as seen in this 2016 Torchlight article). To provide a version you can print for exploring downtown's sites, find a "Jauntful" version as well as a Pinterest of the sites below. read more »

Thank you, U Michigan!

UM Students 2014

We had special guests visiting our East Village office this week, coming all the way from Michigan to help develop a strong concept for the new version of Andrew from Taiwan, Nehal from India, Anna from Philadelphia and Vincent from China are graduate students at the University of Michigan School of Information in Ann Arbor. They chose to work with Green Map System for a week, redefining the structure of our website and brainstorming ways to improve user experience.

The photo shows University of Michigan students interviewing our board member Carlos Martinezread more »

The Green Map Archives Are On The Move

Hello again readers!

This is Green Map intern Joseph Pangilinan and I’d like to give you an update in regards to our progress in compiling Green Map’s archives. Since I last posted a blog, we have added 76 maps and 63 materials, totaling 418 maps and 198 materials. These materials offer a great range of purpose from academic (theses, books and booklets evaluating Green Map and its global effect) to community outreach and education (Green Maps and learning materials aimed at children) to recognition (magazine and newspaper articles lauding Green Map for increasing the public’s consciousness on sustainable living). Preparing these materials for public viewing not only supplements the information provided directly by the Green Map, it also gives the viewer a new perspective into the workings and influence of these projects, possibly inspiring new communities to get more »

Green Map's Archive

Green Map's Archive is taking shape in 2011

Greetings readers!

My name is Joseph Pangilinan, I am an intern here at Green Map System and I'd like to take an opportunity to update you on the happenings in the Green Map offices. My fellow intern Jinhwa Ju and myself have taken on the task of archiving all of the Green Maps created world wide, as well as locally created books, marketing and learning materials. This was the first step toward having all of our Green Maps archived in the New York University Library or another Collection at a library, university or other institution for public access in both their original and digital formats. Supported in part by NYU's Green Grants program, the archive will inform and inspire as it illustrates many aspects of community sustainability in urban and rural areas. read more »

Launching New Internship Program, Summer 2009

In the field during the first intern training session, June 10-11, 2009

Green Map System has initiated a Summer 2009 Semi-Virtual Student Internship Program involving high school and university students. The program includes training in the Green Map office, mentoring and interaction with Andrew Fenster, our Education Trainee, concluding with a presentation/exchange in mid-August. Follow the action at

The goal of the program is for students to create themed Green Maps of their home neighborhoods, with a specific focus of their choice, such as green businesses, climate change, potential open spaces for green development, spiritual centers, etc. read more »

Green Map website being demonstrated, right now!

The crowd, in awe

The new website is being launched in NYC...