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rockland_anna's Blog

Testing the new OpenGreenMap

We have started to add sites to the OpenGreenMap! Exciting to be part of testing this new G R E A T initiative.

See you out there in cyberspace!

We will not make a paper map after all. Maybe a poster for display and PR, but the rest will be webbased.

Please send us comments, here or on!


Rockland Green Map held their first meeting today!

Today, two of our group members went to the New City Library, NY, and participated in a small Environmental meeting. We were able to present our project and give information about Green Maps in general, and also listen to a presentation by Clean Air NY and to Keep Rockland Beautiful and their activities.

We got a lot of positive feedback and ideas for future work (always good to share your to-do list with people!:) and even got two much needed new members (now we are 5!).

More presentations are coming up in the future, for example a town comprehensive plan board and the county Environmental Management Committee. The local governments are so interested and seemingly happy to learn what we are doing!read more »

Our website is updated - with a form for community suggest-a-site

Welcome to visit, and comment on, our new website. I am updating it still, so I am curious to hear if anyone has a comment?!

Rockland Green Map on the web!

We have added a form for community suggestions to the map, the suggest-a-site pages and have posted flyers in our community to get people to come to our website and learn more.

We are on our way!

Welcome Rockland to suggest-a-site for our map!

We are on our way with data collecting and organizing the data! The latest update includes a temporary rockland green map website where we link to our new wiki page. A wiki page enables anyone to edit the site and to leave comments and we hope the members of our community will find this an easy way to suggest sites to the rockland green map.

Since this summer we are also working together with the local organization Keep Rockland Beautiful - a collaboration that has already led to many great ideas and needed more »