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Lower East Side Heros! by Whitney Browne, The LowDown, 2016
How To Have A Great Memorial Day by Rachel Signer, Collectively, USA, 2015
Green Map Spanning the Globe by Christine van Reeuwyk, Oak Bay News, Canada, 2015
The Web of Life - A Story about the Green Map by Wendy Brawer, Midori Press, Japan, 2014
The Web of Life - グリーンマップ・システムの物語 by Wendy Brawer, Midori Press, Japan, 2014 ()
Rennes: How a Greenmap gives you the keys of your city by Tamara Guirao, Atlantic Arc Cities, 2014
In The Field: Green Maps by Sarah Coury, Nowhere Travel Stories, USA, 2014
Recap: FABnyc Talk About ‘Neighborhood Sustainability' by Lori Greenberg, Bowery Boogie, USA, 2014
Las 10 iniciativas sociales más innovadoras 2013, Compromiso Empresarial, Spain, 2014 ()
Can Participatory Mapping Save the Commons? by Jo Guldi, Shareable, USA, 2014
Inclusive Urban Practices on the Rise by Cassie Hackel, Oculus, USA, 2013
Go -Green Map- Your Community by Louisa Wong, Reset - Times for a Better World, Hong Kong, 2013
Hawthorne Green Fair to return to town by KRISTIE CATTAFI, North Jersey, USA, 2013
Fix it, give it, rethink it: newest Greenmap for NYC by Richard Reiss, City Atlas, 2013
Green Map, une Nouvelle Façon d’Explorer le Monde by Selected for Efficicycle's 365 best!, Efficycle, France, 2013 ()
A Passport to the world of Druid Hill Park by Larry Peel, Baltimore Sun, USA, 2013
Data Byte: Fruit Found Around the Corner by Laurel Corrao, Sarasota Scope, USA, 2013
Geo NYC Meetup, April: Wendy Brawer & Thomas Turnbull, GreenMap by OpenGeo, NYC Geo Meetup Videos, USA, 2013
Cape Town Green Map Included in New York Public Library Archive by Cape Town Green Map, Cape Town Green Map Blog, South Aftrica, 2013
Pierre Green Map Unveiled by Justin Joiner, Capitol Journal, 2013
Case Study - Open Green Map, a Social Mapping Platform by Green Map System, AIGA Why Design, USA, 2013