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Green Map System has promoted inclusive participation in sustainable community development around the world since 1995, using mapmaking as our medium. Over 450 locally-led map projects in 50 countries have successfully published 335 Green Maps, used by millions to connect with green living, nature, social and cultural resources near home and while traveling. While all use Green Map Icons to highlight both positive and challenging sites, each powerful guide is unique.

Now, we're taking our inclusiveness mission the next step by developing an open interactive Green Mapmaking tool that will help people worldwide quickly share their own selection of sustainability sites, pathways and resources online. Merging local knowledge and our freshly updated iconography with a Google Map, the resulting interactive Green Maps will be viewable from our own and many other websites, starting in mid-2008. With open commentary, green ratings, multimedia elements, 'impacts index', mobile access, onsite markers and more, everyone will be able to get involved.

My Green Map (working name) will give voice to thousands and ensure that an enormous diversity of successful sustainability activities and models are shared with the broadest audience possible. Merging the booming ‘going local’ and green development movements with social networking and interactive mapping, My Green Map begins with our network's collective inventory of green sites. Each of their maps will be linked to the related profile and locally-designed full-scale Green Map already viewable at Once we have helped them overcome technical barriers to participation, we intend to phase in public mapmaking and behavior change assessment, mobile formats, thematic worldviews, and more.

To help people of all ages impact current conditions, My Green Map will encourage local participation that counters global climate change, supports vibrant biodiversity and heritage preservation while addressing social and cultural challenges. It will promote more diverse involvement by guiding newcomers to get involved in important greening activities, encourage long-time residents to make more sustainable everyday choices, build students' eco-literacy and leadership skills, provide visitors with best practice models to share back home, and motivate decision-makers to act for the common good.

We invite you to read more, comment on and rate our entry in the Netsquared Mashup Challenge!

More information will be added here soon. If you have questions, suggestions, or wish to support this effort, please click Contact below.

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