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Our local and global movement, our adaptable mapmaking tools and the resulting locally published Green Maps frame global sustainability issues at the community level, and contribute to greener living on many levels.

With over 900 projects in 65 countries participating in this community media movement, there are many compelling stories to highlight!

The Green Maps are full of ‘green story’ leads as they showcase a wide range of resources and best practices in cities, regions and neighborhoods, including green businesses and buildings; low impact, climate sparing mobility and renewable energy options; green schools, eco-groups and agencies, ecotourism resources, and even toxic challenges to a community’s health.

Green Map System is an award-winning ‘technology benefiting humanity’ that actively links local projects into a powerful and exciting global network. We’d be happy to respond to your inquiry or request for assistance on a deadline. Please contact us at any time by email or telephone (+1 212 674 1631).

Press Releases & Backgrounder can be downloaded below. Many other resources are available in this section, including high resolution images. Find more throughout this website, such as our Green Map Impacts book, Green Map Icon poster, etc.

900 Green Map Project Milestone - July 2014
Download Press Release as .doc in English or as a PDF

Green Map Archive Launch - March 2013
Download Press Release as .doc in English or as a PDF

Download Backgrounder as .doc in English or French

Post-Hurricane Sandy 2012
Actions at Green Map's NYC office supporting climate awareness and action in our home community in English

Earth Day 2012
Now more than 800 projects in 64 countries - in English

Green Map Exhibition at Japan's Zenrin Map Gallery
Summer 2011 - featuring national and international Green Maps Download Press Release as PDF in English & Japanese.

Open Green Map's 2nd Anniversary
2 years and 200 Open Green Maps! Download Press Release as PDF in English.

New Widgets Launch
New Green Map Widgets Launching! Download the Press Release here.

Green Map at the National Design Triennial
Download the Press Release about this important exhibition of social design.

Mobile Launch
Download Take Green Map With You! our mobile press release in .doc format. Find high resolution images too.

Download Awards list

December 2009:
Download our Copenhagen COP15 PR (Download as .doc)

October 2009:
Download as PDF in:German

June 2009:
Download as PDF the Open Green Map's Global Post-launch Press Release. Available in: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

May 2009:
Open Green Map's Global Launch Celebration, June, World Environment Day (Download as PDF)

September 2008:
Open Green Map, a New Way to Experience the World (Download as .doc) and as a (visual overview)
El Open Green Map, una Nueva Manera de Experimentar el Mundo (Descargue el archivo PDF en Español aquí)

June 2008:
Santiago Chile's Success Story and Open Green Map Preview (OGM_Santiago_ES.pdf) or .doc (OGM_Santiago_ES.doc)

June 2008:
Open Green Map - Social Mapping for Sustainable Community Development in PDF (Open_Green_Map.pdf)

October 2007:
Icons Open Studio in PDF (Open_Studio.pdf) or .doc (Open Studio.doc) Note: New Icons released in February 2008, press release to come.

2007 Global Current Press Release in PDF (GMS_PR_07.pdf) or .doc (GMS_PR_07.doc)

June 2007:
Media Advisory on our Director's first trip to China and Asian Hub meetings in .doc (GMS Media Advisory English Simplified Chinese)

2007 Lessons from Latin America
(in English - Detailed - Condensed - & Spanish - Detailed - Condensed -)

2006 Global News
2005 Global News
2004 Green Map Atlas
2004 Our Global Exhibit 2004
2000 Stockholm Challenge
2000 Global News

Green Map System’s own local NYC Green Apple Map:
2006 Energy-themed Map
2006 Compost-themed Map
2001-04 LoMap, our Youth View

A sampling of local press releases and newsletters provided by our network of Green Map projects in 50 countries can be accessed here.

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