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"Local community groups create their own maps using Green Map System software and a universal iconography that is not English language-dependent. Young mapmakers are involved, too."
- Diane Daniel, Globe Correspondent, 2006

Brawer and an international group of designers created a set of open-source tools and icons in 1995. Since then, locals in 46 countries have started more than 330 related projects to create their own green maps, and student groups have also gotten involved.
- Tim Sprinkle, Grist Magazine, 2006

The work of Green Mapping and community mapping has been taken up all around the world: squatters in Argentina, students in Cuba, survivors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, the indigenous peoples of British Columbia, and on and on.
- Jeff Severns Guntzel, National Catholic Reporter, U.S., 2005

The concept (green maps) has caused excitement among ecologists worldwide, who tout it as an alternative to formal cartography, aiming to redraw local maps to include a radical community perspective and include details missed by traditional map-makers.
- Damien Henderson, The Herald, U.K., 2005

"The foundation of the system is a "living language" of icons that identify everything from star-gazing sites to toxic dumps. With every new region, the lexicon grows. African mappers added soil erosion and poaching, for example; Singapore flagged mangrove forests."
- Adbusters, Adbusters, Vancouver, 2001

Danish: Hvis man gerne vil støtte den økologiske bølge, løber man ind i mellem ind i problemer. Det kan være svært at finde de økologiske produkter. Men med EcoMap er økologiske initiativer blevet overskueliggjort. English: "It is sometimes difficult to support the ecological wave even when you want to. It can be tough to find ecological products. But EcoMap has made it easy to find the ecological initiatives."
- Helse, Health Magazine, Helse, Health Magazine, Denmark, 2000

Danish: EcoMap 2000 indholder økologiske caféer, forretninger, overnatningssteder, byggematerialer og andre grønne initiativer udvalgt på baggrund af nøje udvalgte kriterier. EcoMap er en del af det prisbelønnede Green Map System. English: "EcoMap 2000 covers eco cafés, shops, businesses, sleep-ins, building material outlets and other green initiatives, all evaluated according to carefully designed criteria. EcoMap is part of the award-winning Green Map System".
- Politiken Newspaper, Politiken Newspaper, Denmark, 2000

"I hope that our work will be useful to others down the road and will help in the preservation of the things we thought were important, such as the hawks, and the tree forts, and the cloud watching place and all the significant places we paid special attention to."
- Jon Kohli, 7th grade mapmaker, Calgary's City Vision News, Calgary , 2000

"Path Finder: If you're looking to walk instead of drive, the Green Apple Map specializes in "urban ecology adventures"- parks, wetlands, and community gardens in and around the city. If you are looking for what to walk away from, it also highlights landfills and other toxic areas.
- New York Magazine, New York Magazine, New York, NY, 2000

" self-portraits by communities with different features and characteristics, the maps have distinctive flavors, scopes and scales. Yet they can also be understood across nations and cultures, thanks to their use of a shared universal icon set and the project's open-source, collaborative tools and methodologies."
- Sphere magazine, Sphere magazine, 2000

...the maps will encourage cooperation between environmental pressure groups and act as an incentive to companies and organisations...The map launch came as Environment Minister Michael Meacher called for the people of Merseyside to "stop, listen and care" for the nature that surrounds them.
- Phillipa Bellis, Liverpool Daily Post, Liverpool, UK, 1999

With a Green Map in hand, you'll have all the information you need to live an environmentally aware lifestyle in the heart of the concrete jungle.
- New Age Journal, New Age Journal, 1997

" The vast majority of local people will neither know all of the initiatives nor have any perception that the individual elements are beginning to contribute to making their home town more environmentally sustainable. It is even less likely that visitors will gain any picture of what is being achieved. It is to solve this problem that the Green Map System has been developed."
- Paul Burrell, Town & County Planner , UK, 1996

Green Maps and guides are practical tools for promoting urban sustainability.
- World Urban Forum 3, Actionable Ideas Workbook, Vancouver