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Green Map Workshop in Kitakyusu

"NPO Think of Satoyama" did GM workshops on the last weekend supported by Zenrin, which is a one of biggest company of maps in Japan. Kids and their parents teamed up together for map making. This workshop took placed at a center of Kitakyushu-city (southern part of Japan), which was the one of biggest polluted city in '60. The Government, Corporations and citizens have collaborated together to turn "polluted city" to "sustainable city". And here they are!

20 pair was participated on the workshop. We found fishes, green energy, share bike, trashes on the river, illegal-parked-bike and so on. We will introduce the map sooner on the site!

Great picture of kids mapmaking!

Great picture of kids map making!
If you are interested in the exhibition, there is a press-release and a blog (Japanese & English).

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