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We Win NetSquared Invitational!

NetSquared Invitational Winner!

We are happy to share the good news that Open Green Map has won the NetSquared Invitational!

Green Map System is really thrilled that our short video has received lots of votes and the jury's support. This award comes with plenty of help for our social mapping platform's ongoing development in the coming months, which is really great because we have big plans!! Thank you videographer Peter Shapiro, NetSquared, TechSoup, our staff and technical team as well as the Green Mapmakers who have now published more than 250 diverse Open Green Maps!

This is the 8th award for the Open Green Map!!! 2011 has brought three honors to this resource - the Victor J Papanek Social Design Award, the Treehugger Best of Green (really for our mobile app, which features Open Green Map sites), and now the NetSquared Invitational.

We welcome your support for the Open Green Map and invite you to become a Green Mapmaker and use this remarkable resource to chart progress toward sustainability in your community, too!