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Report on activities in Green Map System 2011

In 2011 work on the «Water Map of Kazan city» in the Green Map System is actively continued. We presented our project at different ecological competitions and conferences. List of the most significant events, where we presented our project «Water Map of Kazan city» is presented below:

- The project "Water map of Kazan city" won the Russian National Junior Water Prize in Moscow (April 2011) and received the right to present Russian Federation at the Stockholm Junior Water Prize;

- We have created a Youth Ecological Portal and called it GreenTeen ( It provides information of different environmental issues and different ecological events, conferences, competitions, etc. Firstly we have placed «The water map of Kazan city» on this site. The moderators of the site are schoolchildren. The portal was created in April 2011. At the present time it is actively developing;

- We presented the Russian Federation with the project «Water Map of Kazan city» at the Stockholm Junior Water Prize within the framework of World Water Week (August, 2011). The project was awarded the diploma of finalist;

- In September 2011 we presented our project at a national competition of young ecologists in the resort town Anapa. We offered the city administration to join the Green Map System and to begin work on a "Green Map". The project was approved by the city administration;

- In November 2011 we presented the project «Green Map of Kazan city» at the Regional Youth Forum that was held in our city. The President of The Republic of Tatarstan estimated the project and provided a grant for its implementation;

- In December 2011 the project "Water Map of Kazan city" became a winner of the competition «50 Best Innovative Ideas for the Republic of Tatarstan». In 2009 at this competition has won the project «Green Map of Kazan city».

- At the present time, with the support of the Moscow Environmental Projects Consulting Institute we preparing for publication textbook on the making of a "Green Maps" in the Green Map System. This guide will be presented at the Russian National Junior Water Prize in April 2012. Every year schoolchildren from more than 70 subjects of the Russian Federation take part in this contest.