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Green Kunming's Green Ambassadors - 绿色昆明-融入未来的绿色使者

Green Kunming Green Map Competition 2012


Green Kunming is a non-profit organization located at Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province in the southwest China. Officially established in 2006, the organization has been working hard to achieve their missions of “promoting the awareness of environment protection among the public, and advancing the solutions to environmental issues through scientific attitude and extensive collaborations”.

One of the great examples is Green Kunming’s active engagement with Green Map System through involving the local primary and secondary school students. Starting from 2009, a citywide annual map-making competition named “I love my hometown” was launched by Green Kunming in collaboration with the city’s Department of Education. The event has successfully inspired students’ attention to the environmental issues in their communities, where over 300 students and teachers sign up for the competition and participate in mapping the natural and cultural significances every year.

During the event, the host organizations offer free educations on Green Map mapmaking concepts and skills for primary and secondary school teachers, and the teachers will go back to their respective schools to deliver the instructions to the students, where the community discoveries and mapmaking activities will be followed up. The 4th “I love my hometown” Green Map competition is on its way to inspire more Kunming students to make a greener and better world.

Green Kunming's Mapmaker Profile connects to many of these maps. A video introducing Green Map System was produced by Green Kunming in Chinese, and can be found below or on their website.

In addition, you can explore a wonderful collection of pictures taken during the 2nd Green Map competition.


绿色昆明是一个于2006年正式成立于中国云南省省会春城昆明市的非盈利组织。自成立后,该组织便努力实践着其“运用科学的态度,通过多方合作,提高公众环境保护意识,关注并促进环境问题的解决”的使命。其中一个典型例子便是其通过融入当地的中小学生参与绿地图制作而与绿地图系统展开的积极合作。自2009年起,绿色昆明联合当地教育局联合开展了名为“我爱家乡”的年度性昆明中小学校绿地图竞赛活动。此活动已经激发了许多学生对于家乡环境问题的关注,每年有超过300位的学生与老师报名参与到将家乡的自然与文化特色标识到地图中的竞赛活动中。 每次活动,主办方会为报名参赛的中小学老师提供免费的绿地图制作培训和实践,老师们在培训结束后将绿地图的理念与制作技巧再传授给各自学校的学生,并带领学生在周边进行考察制图。第四届“我爱家乡”绿地图竞赛正在火热进行中,并为融入更多未来的绿色使者向前迈进。绿色昆明为此制作了中文版关于绿地图系统的介绍短片,并可通过下列链接观看,同时,第二届绿地图竞赛活动的现场照片也可以通过下列链接欣赏綠色昆明绿地图资料

Written by Hui Zhou
Graduate Student, Tourism Management
New York University, Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management