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Green Map Malioboro - Yogyakarta 2011/2012

Malioboro 1.jpg
The map of cultural heritage district of Malioboro
About this Map

The newest green map project in Yogyakarta city is Green Map Malioboro. This project has been started in November 2011 an will be launched on June 2012. Students of architecture of Univeritas Teknologi Yogyakarta (UTY) in collaboration with students of Design of Visual Communication of Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Yogyakarta have been organizing several surveys and two heritage trails during December 2011. The first edition of Green Map Malioboro published in 2003, made by highs school students of Yogyakarta. The 2011 project has a tag line "Woro Moro Malioboro". Woro means news and moro means come in Javanese language. Malioboro, you know, a famous business district in Yogyakarta. More pics will be uploaded.

Facilitators: Punto Wijayanto, Kristanti Wisnu Aji Wardhani, Maria Carmelia, Sita Sari Trikusumawardhani

Project Coordinator: Hendy Ciputra, Sigit P. Putra

Pictures by the mapmakers

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