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After the Storm, Green Map Continues...

Reflecting on Sandy and Our Future

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At Green Map System, we don't think it’s enough to map the predicted impacts of climate change on New York City - we also help guide people to everyday ways to reduce the emissions that destabilize the climate and taint our environment. Our organization’s East Village neighborhood, having just endured Superstorm Sandy, provides a clear picture of what many millions of us will face as the oceans warm and storms strike harder.

The climate that once seemed so predictable is now changing rapidly. Every community needs to become greener and thus more resilient and healthy. Green Maps show people where to get involved and inspire us to work harder. Green Map projects worldwide make the climate connection real to people, and help make sense of the complex, chaotic nature of urban environments.

In New York City, our efforts to bring attention to climate change in 2006 was spot on! Our Powerful Green Map of NYC showed where surging waters threatened and pointed out potential impacts on our city’s infrastructure, informed by Columbia Earth Institute’s “Climate Change and a Global City” report. Sadly, Sandy’s hard reality was confirmed to users of this printed map and to users of our more recent interactive energy Green Map. You can embed this resource in your website and help more people reduce CO2 and give the climate the consideration it needs. Every day we promote greater participation from map users, map makers and map supporters.

With so many still suffering, we know how fortunate we are. At the same time, we have lost a precious work week without power, and know that there are more postponed meetings, presentations and hackdays to come. In some small and ironic way, did Sandy make our organization – which has worked so hard to promote climate health - a victim of climate change? Donate today and help us continue our important climate-related work.

We also invite you to mark the occasion with us as our enormous archive of Green Maps enters their new home in the Map Collection at the New York Public Library (42nd & Fifth Ave from 4:30 to 6PM) on Tuesday November 13. Please let us know if you can join us via Facebook or email, all are welcome! We’ll also be celebrating our new website and our recent recognition from the Human Impacts Institute: our September Green Culture Cycling Tour received 10 Days of Climate’s Second Prize!

Today, we remind all Americans to vote for the environment. Wherever we live, all of us can do more to participate in improving our communities and common future.