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Thanks to Hui Zhou, for this Chinese and English (below) update on two exciting mapping initiatives.





与此同时,在中国广袤土地更南端的另外两个环保组织正在用较为人文的方式积极开展着绿地图项目。它们是华南理工大学的FRESH环保社团以及位于广东江门市的新会绿地图组织。学生环保社团FRESH于2007年开始正式开展绿地图项目,已经出版了华南理工南校区以及广州市大学城等校园绿地图,2012年FRESH转向当地社区,现在这在火热进行西关绿地图的绘制工作。西关是老广州人对今天广州市荔湾区一带的叫法,西关承载广州这个商业名城的许多历史人文,FRESH希望通过这份绿地图将这些属于广州的特色呈现出来。想要了解更多关于FRESH社团的近况,欢迎访问社团论坛 。同在广东的新会绿地图由广东商学院的大三学生林震宇于2011年创立,志在通过绿地图的形式推广新会的本土文化。通过新浪微博,林震宇联系到了一些志同道合的伙伴,并于2011年10月推出了第一份着重于新会当地文化古迹的绿地图,并得到了广大市民的支持。欲了解更多新会绿地图的情况, 欢迎访问: Blog



Along with the continuous penetration of sustainable development concept in Chinese society, Green Map as a tool to promote various aspects of such a concept, many environmental NGOs in China have integrated Green Maps with their environmental protection projects. This blog highlights the Green Map stories of three environmental NGOs in China.

Shanghai Oasis Center started its Green Map journey in the summer of 2012. From then on, the Center has finished the Scientific and Technology Wetland Green Map, the XiSha Park Green Map, the Binjiang Forest Park Green Map, and Cenbu Green Map; in addition, the Lujiazui Financial District Slow Life Green Map is also on its way to the public. There are more than 300 volunteers who have been directly involved in the Green Map projects, including children, employees from different enterprises, students, and community volunteers. The center has involved creativity in its mapping process, educating the public about environmental protection in a more vivid way. For instance, a connection was drawn between Green Map and crabs in the Xisha Park Green Map, where the Green Map named “Tears of Crabs Splashing in the Wetland” was produced.

At the moment, the Center focuses on the development of the Lujiazui Slow Life Green Map. This map is designed to showcase the other side of the busy financial district in Shanghai, allowing the public to understand Shanghai from a new angle. If you are interested in knowing more about Shanghai Oasis Ecological Conservation Center, please visit:

Here are some pictures taken during the Center’s Green Map activities:
Tears of Crabs Splashing in the Wetland: Green Map and its Map Makers

Meanwhile, there are another two environmental protection NGOs in southern China who are developing their Green Map projects that focus more on Social and Cultural aspects. They are “FRESH” from South China University of Technology, and Xinhui Green Map from Jiangmen, Guangdong. The student organization FRESH officially started its Green Map projects in 2007; it has produced a series of college campus Green Maps, including the Green Map of Higher Education Mega Center of Guangzhou, and South China University of Technology Southern Campus map. Starting from 2012, FRESH transferred its focus to the local neighborhoods in Guangzhou area; now FRESH’s main focus is on Xiguan Green Map. “Xiguan” is how the old name of today’s Liwan area in Guangzhou, this area carries abundant historic and cultural stories of Guangzhou. FRESH hopes to present these unique characters of Guangzhou through the Xiguan Green Map. If you are interested in FRESH, please visit its forum: (Chinese Only).

In 2011, Zhenyu Lin, a junior college student from Guangdong University of Business Studies, founded Xinhui Green Map, aiming to promote the local culture in Xinhui via Green Map. Through Sina Weibo (a popular Chinese micro-blog site), Zhenyu got to connect to people who had the same vision in mind. The first Xinhui Green Map that focuses on the historic sites in Xinhui was published in October 2011 with the efforts of Zhenyu and his team, which was also overwhelmingly welcomed by the local residents. If you are interested in knowing more about Xinhui Green Map, please visit: Blog.

In addition, to make it more convenient for more Green Mapmakers in China to get access to the green-mapping guides shared among Green Map’s global family, a translation work of the “4Bs Guide” that involves case studies of the Green Map projects in four European cities will be done in the near future!

Binjiang Forest Park Green Map: Green Map made from Trash