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Reviewing EXPO 2005's Impacts

I’ll be adding a permanent link to our Aichi EXPO 2005 album and report. Green Mapmakers from across Asia met in central Japan, where Aichi prefecture’s Green Map project, led by Chubu Recycle, created 2 major exhibits for this exciting world’s fair. The report will include:

• feedback from participants of our global exchange meetings,
• a list of the international press coverage of the exhibit and the many different kinds of public events that Mapmakers presented,
• interaction events and their potential for more development: games, websites, etc.
• complete visitor statistics (wow! 400,000 visitors to the NGO Global Visit in August alone!)
• Green Map Japan’s capacity building Mapmaker meetings and new collaborative projects
• some of the spontaneous events, including visits to the communities and offices where Green Map projects are underway,
• eco-siteseeing and relationship building,
• meeting potential future Mapmakers (Philippines, Siberia, Beijing, Budapest, Japan),

• the development of “Club 80″ - the youth leadership movement within Green Map,
• exchange of mapmaking materials and digital presentations among all participants and with the Green Map archives,
• educational resource development and followup Asian meeting in Taiwan in October, focusing on teacher training,
• exchange of gifts, including a video camera from Masahirop Horiuchi of Tokyo to Green Map in NYC,
• trading of locally published Green Maps and books,
• assessment of EXPO’s Green Map store and popularity of specially produced items with the public, and how this impacts re-design of our online store this fall,

• exchanging methodology, testing the Icon Updating process (now underway), and planning the future as a group,
• responses and plans from the Hubs and Mapmakers,
• lessons learned for future mega-events involving the Green Map movement,
• ongoing development of Aichi Prefecture Green Map projects’ assessment of EXPO’s impact,
Special thanks to our colleagues in Japan, and the supporters who helped get so many of us together for this important series of events!
More about Aichi EXPO 2005 is below and at this link!