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New! Mobile Green Maps! June 12 is Donation Match Day

Celebrate our new Mobile Website!

Got a mobile phone or tablet? Check out on your browser! Experience this new interactive map on your desktop, too at

As you move the map around and zoom in, more sites from the Open Green Map will come into view. Finally, you can see green sites near you and in relation to each other - explore while you’re on the go!

Created with the help of a Google-sponsored 24HoursofGood hack day, Green Map’s mobile website is ‘responsive’ - it automatically changes shape to fit your device. You should be able to use it on any web-enabled device!

37 countries now use the Open Green Map platform, so our new mobile website is an exciting development to hundreds of communities worldwide who are announcing it to their audiences now too. Zoom around the map or tap the top square and type in a different location – there’s so much to see!

Next: we are planning to expand upon our interactive mobile map by building it into new iPhone and Android Apps. You’ll be able to collect new sites as well as explore them on the go. More new features and feeds will provide everyone with a remarkable view of Green Map’s data and mapmakers - but we need your help!

Good News! On June 12, as of 9AM ET, your donation will be matched here:

Give $20, we’ll receive $30! 50% more! All donations from $10 - $1000 will be matched at the 50% level until Global Giving’s pool of matching funds runs out, which only takes just a few hours. So set your clock! Tell your friends! Start donating Wednesday at 9AM ET.

Give this project a running start with a tax deductible donation any time! Our Open Green Map platform and new ways to explore it - including this mobile website and apps – are continually being improved to support progress toward a sustainable future. has more ways to give. Connect, Inform, Inspire!

Thank you so much - your support makes a vital difference in 863 diverse cities in 65 countries - and counting!